Marcus Grubb Keynote Speaker

  • Managing Director, Investment & Strategy, Member Leadership Team, World Gold Council
  • Former founder Chief Executive, Board Member of Swapstream Exchange (2000-06)
  • Specialist in investment strategy, capital markets, asset allocation, gold & natural resources


Marcus Grubb is a well known investment strategist and renowned expert on the gold market having come to prominence in gold after five years in the business. He is currently Managing Director of Investment & Strategy at the World Gold Council, the market development organisation for the gold industry.

Marcus is a member of the senior leadership team and oversees the European ETF business and research. He is the gold strategist for the organisation and is responsible for its view of all aspects of asset allocation and the gold market. He has a high profile in the global media (CNN, CNBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, FT etc) and markets gold to investors of all types, from private wealth to institutions, hedge funds and sovereign funds worldwide.

On the commercial side, he was directly responsible for two of the most important deals concluded by the World Gold Council since the development of the gold ETFs. In 2009 the World Gold Council purchased a minority stake in Bullion Vault the online gold seller and RIT co-invested, he joined the Board of Bullion Vault. In the same year, the World Gold Council signed a deal with ICBC in China to launch a Gold Accumulation Scheme (GAP) which has since grown to over 9 million accounts and 2 million oz of gold. The scheme has since been taken to the Indian market. Lastly, during the accumulation of assets in gold ETFs from 2008-12 which peaked at over $100 billion, he was instrumental in the growth of investment in gold via these instruments through direct contact with the funds which purchased the ETFs.

Marcus is well known among investors as an expert on the gold market and the role that gold plays in portfolios and in the financial system. He is a regular commentator on investment strategy, macroeconomics and gold in the world’s media.  When in China in 2008 he was asked by investors and media the likely shape of the recovery, he was quoted as saying ‘five double-u’s’. He is also credited as one of the first to coin the phrase, ‘the Brown bottom’.

He came to the World Gold Council after a career in capital markets and investment banking; notably, he was a Board Member and Managing Director of Global Equities for Rabobank from 1997-99. Marcus graduated in 1983 from Oxford University with prize winning first class honours in Modern History & Economics and began his career at JP Morgan.

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Videos of Marcus Grubb

Talking on Bloomberg (2013)
Talking on Bloomberg (2013)
Milken Institute Conference LA (2013)
Milken Institute Conference LA (2013)

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