Marc Hogan London, UK

  • Ex-sales and communications trainer
  • Challenged to perform stand-up at the Edinburgh Festival as a bet with only 12 months preparation
  • Creator of “Funny Business” presentation


Marc Hogan Showreel (2014)
Marc Hogan Showreel (2014)


In August 2008, while giving a talk to a business audience, Jim Lawless challenged Marc Hogan to perform a 21 night, one man comedy show at the world’s largest comedy event – the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2009.

“So, you want me to do an open mic spot at a comedy club then?” Marc replied, “Right you are!” But that was far too easy a challenge. A professional speaker, used to playing big audiences, and sometimes even getting a laugh, Marc set his sights higher.

The result is his inspiring and exhilarating presentation Funny Business: What comedy taught me about business & what business taught me about comedy.

Marc’s Funny Business, S.A.L.E.S. and Inspirational Communication programmes encourage audiences to seek out opportunities, tackle challenges & improve their communication and influencing skills.

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