Malene Rydahl Speaker

Malene Rydahl Keynote Speaker

  • Executive Coach specialized in Happiness, Well-being and Performance
  • Goodwill Ambassador of Copenhagen
  • Senior advisor - Boston Consulting Group

Malene Rydahl's Biography

Malene Rydahl is a Danish keynote speaker, executive coach and writer. Specializing in the topic of happiness, She spent years in the corporate world as an executive in communication before realizing her true passion was helping others find happiness and well-being in their lives. She is a sought-after speaker for her enthralling presentations that inspire audiences to truly believes that anyone can achieve great things if they find happiness along the way.

In 2015, Malene founded Ikigai Life, and she is an Executive Coach for a professional coaching and training management consulting company. She is a Senior Advisor for the Boston Consulting Group and a Partner of the vegan restaurant 42Raw. Malene is also a Lecturer at Sciences Po and External Lecturer at HEC Paris Executive Education.

Beginning her career as an executive in corporate communication at Bang and Olufsen, Malene later served as an Account Director at Les Ouvriers du Paradis. She then became Director of Communications at Relais & Châteaux. She worked her way up the ranks to Director of Corporate Communicates for Hyatt Hotels Corporation before opting for a career change.

With a background in psychology and communications, Malene understands how to create an environment where people can thrive. She is the author of the international bestseller Happy as a Dane (2017). The book, raised as the most optimistic book of the year, provides practical advice and tips we can apply to manage our happiness in our daily lives.

Malene understands the challenges of working life. Drawing on her own experience and extensive research, she provides practical advice to help people flourish both at work and at home. A change agent with years of experience assisting people to reach their potential, Malene is a sought-after keynote speaker for her unique ability to see the greatness in others and help them unleash it.

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Videos of Malene Rydahl

Planting Seeds Of Happiness The Danish Way | TEDxINSEADSingapore
Planting Seeds Of Happiness The Danish Way | TEDxINSEADSingapore
Happy Employees
Happy Employees
Why Happiness is Essential for Companies
Why Happiness is Essential for Companies
Be Happy to Commit to Society !
Be Happy to Commit to Society !

Books by Malene Rydahl

Malene Rydahl Speaker
Happy as a Dane: 10 Secrets of the Happiest People in the World (2017)

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