Malcolm Grimston London, UK

  • Expert on nuclear policy and the global future of civil nuclear energy
  • Expert on emerging themes in liberalised power markets
  • Associate Fellow at Chatham House


The Nuclear Renaissance (2012)
The Nuclear Renaissance (2012)
On Risk Communications (2011)
On Risk Communications (2011)


Malcolm Grimston is an Associate Fellow at Chatham House conducting an investigation into the future of civil nuclear energy. He is a regular media contributor on energy and nuclear matters.

His expertise lies in nuclear policy, nuclear technology, electricity policy, and emerging themes in liberalised power markets.

He is currently working on a project examining the importance of politics to nuclear new build: an examination of the relationship between political, scientific and public mindsets and its influence on decision-making in the scientific and technical field.

Before joining Chatham House in 1999, Malcolm worked at the Atomic Energy Authority from 1987. In 1995 he joined Imperial College as a Senior Research Fellow.

Malcolm’s publications include “Double or Quits: The Global Future of Civil Nuclear Energy” (Routledge, 2002) and “Civil Nuclear Energy: Fuel of the Future or Relic of the Past?” (Royal Institute of International Affairs, 2002).

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