Maithreyi Seetharaman Keynote Speaker

  • Founder, Facultas Media
  • Writer of the weekly newsletter ‘The Chief Brief'
  • International broadcaster across business, economy, civil society and the economy

Maithreyi Seetharaman's Biography

Maithreyi Seetharaman is an international broadcaster whose 20-year career has spanned some of the biggest names in television across Europe, the United States, Middle East and Asia.

Specialising in connecting the dots between business, policy, civil society and the economy, Maithreyi can often be found on a plane, train or summit stage speaking to the world’s most influential decision makers. From COP26, Brussels Economic Forum to NATO and the Munich Security Conference. From the Cannes Lions to WEF and OECD, she has interviewed figures including Olaf Scholz, John Kerry, Bill Gates, Kristalina Georgieva, Philip Hammond and Margarethe Vestager as well as the heads of governments of France, Greece, Lithuania amongst many more. Over her career covering the international economy she has become a trusted conversation partner for C-suite leaders of global companies. Combining her perspectives from the developing and developed world she has focussed on technology as a key driver for innovation and climate change redressal, making it central to her role as a convener of international leadership communities.

As part of her recent consulting, she has taken on the role of Co-Chair of the Globsec Tatra Summit, alongside fellow Co-Chairs Matthias Cormann (Secretary General OECD) and Gordon Bajnai (Former Prime Minster of Hungary and Head of Global Infrastructure and a member of the Management Committee Campbell Lutyens).

Founder of independent production house Facultas Media in 2013, Maithreyi has conceived, written and presented some of the most recognisable, data driven and innovative shows on channels like euronews. Prior to ensuring her independent voice she was the anchor of prime shows like Squawk Box Europe at CNBC and anchor and stocks editor at Bloomberg Television and sat on the advisory board of Docusign. She was most recently Fortune Magazine’s director of live media content shaping the on-stage editorial focus of the brand as Co-Chair of the Fortune’s most influential international forums – The Fortune Global Forum, Fortune Most Powerful Women International and Brainstorm Design, year after year.

Passionate about ESG, she is a vocal proponent of the interoperability of the strategies of policymakers and corporates. With a special focus on the S of ESG, she has pushed for diversity and inclusion through her work and built-up Fortune’s Most Powerful Women community internationally. She now writes weekly newsletter ‘The Chief Brief ‘and is global advisor to U.S. based non-profit ‘Journey’.

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Maithreyi Seetharaman's Speaking Topics

• Global political economic outlook

Key themes, trends, strategies and environment (China, Russia, populism, market moving data including key elections worldwide, global trade, global risk, macroeconomic indicators)

• Global Corporate/Tech thought leadership on critical problem solving

Ukraine/Russia sanctions, Climate change issues/innovations/initiatives including green tech, cybersecurity, gender

• Intersection of policy, corporate strategy and ESG

• Monetary and fiscal policy - EU/US/Asia

• Cross-sectoral female leadership and gender inclusive growth

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Videos of Maithreyi Seetharaman

MPW London 2019: Fighting The Hard Fight
MPW London 2019: Fighting The Hard Fight
 Futurity Session at Munich Security Conference 2022: The New Age of Tank Diplomacy?
Futurity Session at Munich Security Conference 2022: The New Age of Tank Diplomacy?
COP26 Nature's Newsroom: Erin Billman (SBTN) Magali Anderson (Holcim) & Lena Prip-Kovac (IKEA)
COP26 Nature's Newsroom: Erin Billman (SBTN) Magali Anderson (Holcim) & Lena Prip-Kovac (IKEA)
A Look Inside European Central Bank’s Decision-Making | Fortune Global Forum
A Look Inside European Central Bank’s Decision-Making | Fortune Global Forum
MPW London 2019: Policing National Security
MPW London 2019: Policing National Security

Articles, Media & Podcasts

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