Maher Mezher Keynote Speaker

  • World-leading expert in innovation
  • Founder of consulting and training firm, Innovators League LLC
  • Inventor of Innovators Tool®, the Become an Innovator® Methodology and the Innovation Process,®

Maher Mezher's Biography

Maher Mezher is a world-leading innovation speaker and the Founder of regional consulting and training firm, Innovators League LLC. He founded the business based on his theory that innovation is a science that can be taught.

Maher has created several inventions. He invented the Innovators Tool®, the first app designed to guide innovators in turning their ideas into profitable innovations.  The app incorporates sound effects, 3D animated images, dynamic quotes and sonic and strategic questions to support the innovation journey.  He also created the Become an Innovator® Methodology and the Innovation Process,® pursuing a worldwide patent.

He is the Innovation Advisor at Swiss Asset Management Firm, AMP Partners S.A., and has over 20 years’ experience in training and consulting over 130 organisations worldwide.  His insights have featured in several global media publications including CNN, BBC, CBS, Russia Today, CTV, MTV, LBC, among others.

Maher has over 15 years’ experience of university teaching, where he teaches ways to develop habits that cultivate simplified innovation everyday.

He is an engaging speaker with an excellent sense of humour, and leaves audiences inspired and motivated.

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Maher Mezher's Speaking Topics


Maher presents his 3-step Innovation methodology and shows how team members can use their creative potential to transform ideas into innovations, solve daily work problems, achieve goals and drive results.

Creative Leadership

With the certainty of change ahead, teams must learn how to cope, adapt and unlock new opportunities. Audiences learn how to become creative leaders and an instrument of change.

Innovators Mindset & Habits

Drawing on his vast experiences consulting over 130 organisations worldwide, Maher shares what he has learned about the special mindset and habits of successful innovators.

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Videos of Maher Mezher

Maher Mezher 2021 Speaker Demo
Maher Mezher 2021 Speaker Demo
ROI - Return on Innovation with Maher Mezher
ROI - Return on Innovation with Maher Mezher
Excerpts from Interview with Maher Mezher | Be Beta Consultancy | Erish Labs
Excerpts from Interview with Maher Mezher | Be Beta Consultancy | Erish Labs
Maher Mezher - Transform Uncertainty into Bright Innovations in 2021
Maher Mezher - Transform Uncertainty into Bright Innovations in 2021

Articles, Media & Podcasts

Mezher, Goldson, Glass w/ Mitchell Levy on Thought Leader Life Credibility [Podcast]
The FIR Podcast Network Everything Feed

Comments & Testimonials

"Maher the Innovator led the way to our brains in one of the rare joyful moments. Proving his style to unleash the creative potential inside the learners and transform them into innovators. "
Fatima Mahfouz Managing Director, Startegy Advisor , Board Member
"Maher is a top-level speaker with amazing energy and verve. People warm to him, and he is able to bring a unique set of talents to his audience. "
Brett King Author, Speaker, Radio & Media Personality, Founder - Moven
"Maher is one of the most effective and innovative speakers that I have worked with. He was able to change the participants’ mindset by pushing their limits and enabling them to discover their potential as team members and leaders."
Rodolphe Bou Ghaba Dean for Executive Education – Georgetown University in Qatar

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