Louis Barnett Keynote Speaker

  • Young British chocolatier and entrepreneur
  • Owner and CEO of Chokolit (2005-present)
  • Recipient of the Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2011)

Louis Barnett's Biography

Louis Barnett is a British chocolatier and entrepreneur. He is the owner of Chokolit, a luxury chocolate maker known for its signature product, the edible chocolate box, which Louis created when he was 13. Chokolit exports chocolates to many different countries around the world.

Louis first started out making chocolates for friends and family, but in 2005 he founded Chokolit as a response to growing demand. He became the youngest ever supplier to Waitrose at 13, Sainsbury’s at 14 and Selfridges at 15.

Before founding Chokolit, Louis left school at the age of 11 because of learning difficulties. He was later diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia, and his parents continued his education through homeschooling. Inspired by a book titled Belgian Chocolate Cakes and Chocolate, he started making chocolate mousse and cakes, but eventually focused on making chocolate and became the youngest person to go on a course at the Banbury branch of the prestigious Callebaut Chocolate Academy.

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Videos of Louis Barnett

Oxcell Young Biz Ikon (2012)
Oxcell Young Biz Ikon (2012)
21 Year Old Entrepreneur Talks How He Started His Company At Age 12 (2013)
21 Year Old Entrepreneur Talks How He Started His Company At Age 12 (2013)

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