Liza Pavlakos speaking at an event

Liza Pavlakos Keynote Speaker

  • Entrepreneur, qualified psychotherapist and Founder of Positive Breakthroughs
  • Founder, Liza Pavlakos Foundation
  • Winner of the Super Achievement Award from the Women’s World Leadership Congress

Liza Pavlakos's Biography

Liza Pavlakos is a successful entrepreneur, qualified psychotherapist and Founder of Positive Breakthroughs.

Liza’s story is one of grit and survival. Throughout her life, Liza has faced abuse, violence and homelessness. She has experienced true adversity first-hand and knows what it is to triumph in the face of it. She overcame her odds and is on a mission to inspire and empower others to do the same.

She discovered her entrepreneurial spirit at aged 23, when she launched a new and successful international beauty pageant. Following this, she transformed a struggling restaurant in Melbourne into a successful business and turned Finest Alterations, another struggling business, into a five-outlet tailoring Franchise and tailor for The Australian Open and the Grand Prix.

A dedicated humanitarian, Liza established the Liza Pavlakos Foundation, a charity whose aim is to offer educational support to disadvantaged individuals, as a means of empowerment. The Liza Pavlakos Leadership School provides accredited foundation courses free of charge to those in need.

Liza has received widespread recognition for her achievements. She was winner of the Super Achievement Award from the Women’s World Leadership Congress, the winner of the People Choice of Excellence Award from the HR Congress and the Asia HRD Summit and she was recognized by CNN as a thought leader in empowerment.

Liza is an inspirational speaker. She delivers keynotes on the themes of leadership, team building and performance. Her message is highly sought-after; She has motivated countless teams from Fortune 500 companies, including the Coca-Cola Company, Marriott International, AON Insurance company, amongst others.

Liza’s keynotes deliver an authentic and heartfelt message of empowerment. She customizes her content carefully to fit the unique challenges and opportunities facing her audiences. She captures people with her authentic, real life stories and motivates them by incorporating actionable tools that will help them to overcome difficulty.

Speaking Topics

  • Beyond Survival: Embracing Life, Embracing Change
  • What’s Your Narrative? Discover the Power of Your Story
  • Becoming by Overcoming: Staying Resilient in Times of Uncertainty


“Liza’s representation is insightful, actionable and authentic” – The Coca Cola Company

“Liza is an outstanding speaker. Her story inspires us to change for the betterment of our families, our teams and our clients.” – Zurich

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Videos of Liza Pavlakos

Best Keynote Speaker on Overcoming Adversity. Go Beyond Survival. Liza Pavlakos 2020 Showreel
Best Keynote Speaker on Overcoming Adversity. Go Beyond Survival. Liza Pavlakos 2020 Showreel
How to overcome sadness. Short Inspirational Video. Liza Pavlakos
How to overcome sadness. Short Inspirational Video. Liza Pavlakos
A Powerful Mindset. Liza Pavlakos Documentary
A Powerful Mindset. Liza Pavlakos Documentary

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