lisa bodell

Lisa Bodell Keynote Speaker

  • Founder & CEO, FutureThink
  • Bestselling Author, "Kill the Company" & "Why Simple Wins"
  • Global Leader on Culture Change focused on Simplification and Innovation

Lisa Bodell's Biography

FutureThink CEO Lisa Bodell ranks among the Top 50 Speakers Worldwide and is the best-selling author of Kill the Company and Why Simple Wins. She is a global expert on simplification and innovation, and inspires audiences to stop their old ways of working, enabling them to do truly meaningful work.

Lisa is a thought leader and serial entrepreneur, with a transformational message that has inspired executives at top-ranked organizations such as Google, Novartis, Citigroup, LinkedIn, and CVS/Aetna.  She takes a provocative yet practical approach in helping leaders and their teams to eliminate the unnecessary complexity and time-sucks that hold them back, and demonstrates how to turn simplicity into a competitive advantage.

Bodell is a regular contributor to Forbes and frequently features in Fast Company, WIRED, The New York Times, and Harvard Business Review, among others. Lisa has contributed to several major books including Warren Berger’s A More Beautiful Question, Adam Grant’s Originals, and After Shock, the 50-year celebration of futurist Alvin Toffler’s Future Shock

Lisa has taught at both American University and Fordham University. She has a TED talk on the topic of simplification. She’s served on the board of advisors of several organizations, including the Global Agenda Council for the World Economic Forum, the United States National Security Agency, the Association of Professional Futurists, and the Novartis board of Culture, Diversity & Inclusion.

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Lisa Bodell's Speaking Topics

Unleash Innovation

Winning innovators embrace change - do you? This keynote is an inspirational call to arms: to start a revolution in how we think and how we work. What holds you and your organization back from better innovating, every day? In too many organizations, we’re stuck in the land of the status quo. We’ve forgotten how to think differently, and lack the tools to solve problems creatively. The very structures put in place inside organizations to help them grow all too often hold them back. If you want people to approach change differently, you have to help them change their approach.

Killing Complexity

Imagine what you could do with the time you spend sitting in meetings and writing emails every day. Complexity is killing companies' ability to innovate and adapt, and simplicity is quickly becoming the competitive advantage of our time. Drawing on research from her book, Why Simple Wins, Lisa Bodell inspires leaders and their teams to proactively move beyond the feelings of frustration and futility that come with so much unproductive work in today’s corporate world, to create a corporate culture where valuable, essential, meaningful work is the norm

The Great Reset

Winning innovators readily embrace opportunities for change. They also recognize that both great changes and great innovation can occur during times of great constraint. As the pace of change continues to accelerate, teams that wish to survive and succeed must be able to leverage challenges to their advantage. In this speech, Bodell will share methods that your teams need to ignite disruptive thinking, build agility, and turn problems into possibilities.

Curiosity As Your Next Competitive Advantage

Curiosity is a power skill that drives innovation. And in a world where information is increasingly accessible and abundant, knowing how to leverage curiosity and ask the right questions is more important than ever before. In this speech, Bodell will teach how to ask Killer Questions. With this technique, teams are empowered to shift their mindset from judging to learning and as a result, their questions can reveal candid information, uncover fixable problems, and illuminate competitive opportunities.

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Videos of Lisa Bodell

How Simplification is the Key to Change | Lisa Bodell | TEDxNormal
How Simplification is the Key to Change | Lisa Bodell | TEDxNormal
Lisa Bodell: Make Simplicity a Habit: 3 Techniques for Organizational Change
Lisa Bodell: Make Simplicity a Habit: 3 Techniques for Organizational Change

Articles, Media & Podcasts

Comments & Testimonials

Lisa’s presentation was the absolute favorite of our 3– day offsite! I now have a totally new way of looking at simplification and innovation. I would recommend her and her team to anyone planning an event in a heartbeat.
Delta Airlines
Lisa is everything you look for in a keynote speaker – she’s insightful, engaging, and energetic. She was the top-rated speaker at our Google events and inspired the entire audience to start a simplification revolution.
LISA IS THE BEST SPEAKER EVER. High energy, FUNNY, and super engaging with a hybrid audience in person and online. We loved her message

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