Linda Pedelty Keynote Speaker

  • Former key architect of the high-potential Leadership Development program, Kraft Foods
  • Emotional intelligence and psychological safety expert
  • Program designer, consultant, facilitator and coach

Linda Pedelty's Biography

Linda has been working in the field of organizational and leadership development for the past 25 years, with a focus on building emotional intelligence and helping leaders understand the role that psychological safety plays in creating optimal corporate cultures – the kind of cultures which, in turn, unlock the potential that separates exceptional companies from the pack.

As a program designer, consultant, facilitator and coach, Linda brings a depth of experience working with groups large and small. Her trademark is a light-hearted approach to development, but one that is rooted in years of experience and a deep commitment to move her clients quickly from insight to real, lasting development.

She was the key architect of the high-potential Leadership Development program at Kraft Foods for almost 10 years, and continues her work engaging with companies, running leadership development programs, teaching emotional intelligence, and delivering breakthrough retreats for senior leaders and executive teams across a variety of industries.

Over the course of her career, Linda has seen how individual change is the catalyst of all change, and the idea that leaders best grow their organization by growing their people is at the core of her philosophy as a consultant.

She has seen this philosophy prove itself again and again in her work with clients such as the Toyota Motor Corp, PepsiAmericas, PepsiCo, Altria, Kraft Foods Group, Nature’s Way and Citibank, to name a few. The most credible test of her skills as a consultant and facilitator is in the fact of her being continually asked to come back by clients she has served.

Linda received her B.A. in philosophy from Albion College in Michigan, and Masters in Theology and Education from Harvard University. Her diverse past work experience includes 5 years of work in the Women’s Studies department at Harvard University and assisting in setting up and running one of the first HIV/AIDs outreach and educational programs in the West Indies.

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