Leo Johnson Keynote Speaker

  • Expert on the risks and opportunities related to sustainability
  • Co-founder of Sustainable Finance (2004)
  • Advisor since 2004 to over 50 international financial institutions


Leo Johnson makes sense of sustainability: pinpointing the mega-trends that will impact business performance (such as climate change, price shocks in water, oil and food, and shifts in consumer preferences); and laying out the risks and opportunities for the financial sector and its core clients, including insurance, and commercial banking to private banking, asset management, private equity and the real estate sector.

In 2004 Leo won the IFC Corporate Award for his work in developing and popularising the Equator Principles, an industry standard for environmental due diligence which is now accepted by more than 60 international banks. In 2006, he worked with the Financial Times and IFC to establish the Financial Times Sustainable Banking Awards.

As well as delivering keynote and after dinner speeches, Leo moderates international conferences, is regularly interviewed on CNBC and contributes to the Financial Times, Spectator and Wall Street Journal. Leo has an MBA from INSEAD, an MSc from University College London and a BA from New College, Oxford.

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Videos of Leo Johnson

TEDxNewham: The Turnaround Challenge (2013)
TEDxNewham: The Turnaround Challenge (2013)
Interview on the Keiser Report (2013)
Interview on the Keiser Report (2013)

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