Lene Gammelgaard Keynote Speaker

  • Pioneer of innovative leadership from the bottom up
  • First Scandinavian female climber to tackle Everest in May 1996
  • Inspirational speaker on motivation, action orientedness, and mental skills to cope with future challenges

Lene Gammelgaard's Biography

Lene Gammelgaard is an acclaimed global speaker and belongs to the new generation of European-based unconventional business thinkers and doers. Through her specific programs of Strategic Thinking and Leadership training, Lene motivates audiences to implement her methodology at work through action from the bottom of the business upwards. Her message inspires her listeners to unleash and discipline their strength and put willpower into action through human innovation.

As the first Scandinavian woman to summit Mount Everest via the South East Ridge route, Lene reveals hard gained insights and knowledge about mastering challenge and developing mental strength. Lene was part of a climbing team that climbed Everest in 1996 and tragically lost eight members of their group in a vicious storm.

She currently operates her own consulting business, Lene Gammelgaard Consult, which focuses on the development of leadership and human resources using the wilderness as a learning lab. She offers tangible tools to help individuals lead themselves and others through complex and uncertain times. Lene also brings a scientific understanding and insight into what can cause leaders to release untapped potential in employees for the greater good of the organisation, and how to become more forward oriented and effective in difficult environments.

She also works as a professional lecturer and author, who’s overall vision is concerned with contributing growth in the world and human innovation. Lene is often published in leading Danish and German newspapers and magazines. She also works to raise funds for DOCSF, which pays for education of orphans in Nepal.

Lene’s best-selling book, ‘Climbing High’, recounts her time on Everest and mobilises readers to pursue their own dreams. Having been published in 13 languages, the book is currently being made into a $65 million movie.

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Videos of Lene Gammelgaard

'The Everest Way' (2014)
'The Everest Way' (2014)

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