Lee Cain speaking

Lee Cain Keynote Speaker

  • Downing Street Director of Communications (2019 - 2020)
  • Key Strategist in the Vote Leave Campaign in 2016
  • Expert on Crisis Management

Lee Cain's Biography

Lee Cain is the former Director of Communications at 10 Downing Street and political strategist to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. An expert in politics, communications and crisis management, Lee is an engaging and candid speaker in his role at the heart of the British Government.

Lee navigated one of the most turbulent political periods in modern UK history from the EU referendum in 2016 to the UK’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

As a key campaign strategist he urged the country to “Take Back Control” and “Get Brexit Done” – helping the Conservative Government win the largest election majority since Margaret Thatcher.  He is also credited with developing the “Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives” messaging for the Government’s Covid-19 response.

A journalist by training,​ Lee has advised many of the UK’s leading politicians including Theresa May, Michael Gove and Andrea Leadsom.  He began advising Boris Johnson while he served as Foreign Secretary and later spearheaded his campaign to be Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party.

After a landslide victory, Lee was asked to become Downing Street Director of Communications in 2019. Here he was central in all key parts of government including communications, economic strategy, national security, constitutional crisis and key domestic policy. Working at the heart of government, Lee held direct responsibility for managing some of the biggest media stories of the past half century.

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