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Laurie Santos Speaker

Laurie Santos

speaker location icon New Haven, CT

Award winning Psychologist

Head of Silliman College and Professor of Psychology, Yale University

Named a “Leading Campus Celebrity,” TIME Magazine

Laurie Santos Speaker Profile:

Psychologist Dr. Laurie Santos is an expert on human cognition, its origins, and the evolutionary biases that influence our all-too imperfect life choices.

Dr. Santos’ entertaining and compelling “monkeynomics” experiments demonstrate that primates — our closest animal relatives — have much to teach us about our own economic decision-making. Both monkeys and humans know a bargain when they see one, tend to spend rather than save, and allow context and risk aversion influence choice — often irrationally.

From her research, Santos speaks to how we are biologically programmed to be motivated by sex, to be deeply influenced by other people — and to repeat our mistakes. And while Santos often uses subjects from the animal kingdom to help explain our sometimes-illogical behaviors, she also provides advice on how to engage our uniquely human faculties to counteract evolution, choose more wisely, and live happier lives.

Dr. Santos was appointed Head of Silliman College on July 1, 2016 to a five year term. She obtained her Ph.D. in Psychology from Harvard. She is a professor of Psychology at Yale University, where she serves as Director of the Comparative Cognition Laboratory as well as the Canine Cognition Center, a research facility that studies how dogs think about the world. She teaches one of Yale’s most popular undergraduate courses, Sex, Evolution, and Human Nature.

Her numerous awards for science, teaching, and mentorship include the Stanton Prize from the Society for Philosophy and Psychology for outstanding contributions to interdisciplinary research.

Dr. Santos’ scientific research is widely published, and she and her work have been featured in numerous media outlets, such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The New Yorker, New Scientist, Smithsonian Magazine, and Discover Magazine, as well as on History Channel, NPR and NOVA. She was named one of Popular Science Magazine’s “Brilliant 10,” and a TIME magazine “Leading Campus Celebrity”; her TED Talk has well over a million views.

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