Kudzi Chikumbu Keynote Speaker

  • Global Head of Creator Marketing at TikTok
  • Listed in Fortune Magazine’s 40 Under 40 list
  • Offers inspirational career advice

Kudzi Chikumbu's Biography

Kudzi Chikumbu is a notable lifestyle influencer and media executive who strongly emphasizes the importance of authenticity in achieving success. In his current position, Kudzi promotes and celebrates the creativity, impact, and diversity of content-creator communities while advocating for greater inclusion and representation online.

Originally from Zimbabwe but raised in South Africa, Kudzi developed a keen understanding of race relations, diversity, and emerging creatives from an early age. After beginning his career as an account and management consultant in South Africa, he went on to pursue an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2016 and subsequently entered the entertainment industry.

Throughout his career, Kudzi has worked tirelessly to champion diversity and to promote originality by elevating trendsetters and innovative creators from diverse backgrounds. His contributions have earned him recognition from prestigious publications such as The Hollywood Reporter, Fortune Magazine, and ADCOLOR, where he was awarded the Innovator Award in 2020.

As a sought-after speaker, Kudzi offers inspirational career advice, social media strategy, diversity and inclusion insights, and guidance on building strong communities for individuals and brands. His compelling talk on the power of authenticity in career success, titled “The Moment You Decide to Commit to Your Purpose,” was delivered at Stanford and can be viewed on the official YouTube page of the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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