Klisman Murati London, U.K.

  • Founder and CEO - Pangaea Wire Group
  • Serves as an expert adviser to the European Commission
  • Consultant and Thought Leader on Corporate Leadership


October 31st isn't going to be the last of #Brexit
October 31st isn't going to be the last of #Brexit
Klisman Murati talks protests and political risk in MENA with Al Jazeera
Klisman Murati talks protests and political risk in MENA with Al Jazeera


Klisman Murati is a frequent face for international news media and has given his analysis and opinions on several of the most important global challenges and events like Brexit, Middle Eastern tensions, geo-politics and computer-terrorism. Klisman is an experienced and dynamic speaker and his knowledge and insight are valuable for many in the business and public sector.

As an expert on human decision-making & strategy, he applies his knowledge to topics like global trends, blockchain and political risk and is sought after by many. Klisman has authored over 250 articles and 7 Published academic papers, 3 of which are featured on Google Scholar, his years of experience along with his original and unabashed outlook on the world make him the go to person for his clients.

Klisman also serves as an expert adviser to the European Commission and has assisted the UK Parliament on human rights and security issues. His work has been referenced by the EU Commission and has been quoted alongside former CIA Directors and he has also consulted for the Pentagon and the US Air Force on Outer Space Defence.

He is an engaging and charismatic keynote speaker with experience in addressing crowds of varying sizes and backgrounds, he has held the attention of world leaders, high ranking military personal, and corporate executives. He is memorable and at times unorthodox in his methods and delivery of his public addresses. Klisman has a way of capturing the audience’s attention, and his extensive knowledge in business and world affairs can really make a difference for many corporate firms, governments and organizations.

Speaking topics include:

  • Why Brexit will not happen – Lesson for Democracy and Business: The fundamental failure of Brexit so far lies not in the legal-policy nexus but in a more simple but fundamental aspect of the identity of Brexit. This vital flaw in the Brexit conversation and why even if a deal is agreed Brexit will most likely be a failure. I explore why this is important for democracy and business.
  • Lessons from the Enemy: what we can learn from ISIS’s social media strategy and how we win heart and minds in this new age?
  • The Future of the European Project: identity, inclusion or a new age?
  • Outer Space Sovereignty and the changing nature of warfare
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