Kjell Enhager Keynote Speaker

  • Former Professional Golfer
  • Coach to the world's biggest stars and companies
  • Inspirational speaker on teamwork and leadership

Kjell Enhager's Biography

Kjell Enhager is a coach in business, culture and sport. He has lectured hundreds of thousands of people and coached some of the world’s largest stars and companies.

After graduating in economics, Kjell began his career as a management consultant at Sällma in Gothenburg. He went on to have a varied career that included stints as a professional golfer and monk!. His array of experience now sees him work with the largest companies in the business community, with symphony orchestras, with actors and world names in golf, tennis, skiing, horseback riding and hockey. Since 2003, he and Magnus Kull have run the company, Coach2coach, which is Scandinavia’s leading training company in personal development and coaching.

Kjell Enhager has a genuine curiosity about human behaviour. His cross-industry experience enables him to share invaluable insights about how we can influence and change our own lives, behaviours and achieve lasting change, success and happiness.

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