Kitty Horlick Keynote Speaker

  • Founder of Blackwood Consultancy, a firm pioneering the integration of traditional businesses into web3 technologies including blockchain, NFTs, and the metaverse.
  • Serves as a Director at Rarify Services, working on protocols for transferring NFTs and cryptocurrencies between blockchains.
  • Accomplished author and journalist, Kitty writes about digital fine art and NFTs for gallery Unit London and has contributed to prestigious publications like The Sunday Times.

Kitty Horlick's Biography

Kitty Horlick, founder of Blackwood Consultancy, is a recognized authority in web3 technologies, blockchain, and digital art spaces. An early adopter of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, she is a sought-after speaker on these topics, effectively addressing the key products of the metaverse, emerging trends, and the challenges within the broader crypto-sphere.

Presently, Kitty holds the position of Director at Rarify Services (2018-present), focusing on developing protocols for the seamless transfer of NFTs and cryptocurrencies between blockchains. Prior to this, she was instrumental in Ehab’s development, a start-up revolutionizing the construction industry via blockchain (2017-18).

Kitty has authored insightful bi-monthly columns for the gallery Unit London since 2021, focusing on digital fine art, NFTs, AI in art, and more. She began her writing career as a multimedia journalist, producing award-winning documentaries and contributing to esteemed publications like The Sunday Times (2012-17).

Her work in the web3 and blockchain field has garnered media attention and she has been featured in several tech and business publications for her in-depth knowledge and innovative insights. Among her notable achievements, Kitty has received accolades for her contributions to the development and understanding of web3 technologies.

Beyond her business ventures, Kitty is also active in various tech-focused committees. She plays a leading role in the Digital Landowners Society, where she is responsible for communications. Kitty’s educational background, although not mentioned, has certainly played a part in her successful career.

As a speaker, Kitty has shared her expertise with a variety of audiences, from business executives to tech enthusiasts. Her speaking credentials include high-profile tech conferences and private corporate events. She has a knack for explaining complex concepts in an accessible way, enabling audiences to better understand the potentials and pitfalls of web3 technologies.

Kitty Horlick’s background as a PR executive, multimedia journalist, blockchain enthusiast, and successful entrepreneur uniquely position her as an insightful and engaging speaker. Her consultancy, Blackwood, is born out of a desire to offer clear and relatable guidance on web3 technologies. It’s evident that Kitty is not just a believer in these technologies but is committed to helping others understand and utilize them effectively, making her an indispensable resource in this rapidly evolving industry.

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