Kirsten Stendevad Keynote Speaker

  • Nordic thought leader and leadership trainer.
  • (Co-)author of eight books about 21st Century paradigms.
  • Certified Evolutionary Coach.

Kirsten Stendevad's Biography

Kirsten Stendevad is a Nordic thought leader and leadership trainer specialising in 21st Century leadership. She has lectured at Harvard Business School, MIT and McKinsey & Company.

Kirsten is known in Scandinavia for her ability to create extraordinary transformation through her executive programs and networks centered around the seven facets of 21st Century Leadership: Complementarity, Polarity, Proactivity, Authenticity, Integrity, Synchronicity and Totality. Her life-changing programs enable leaders, founders and change makers to embody the skills that are crucial to survive and thrive in this decade and the future to come.

Kirsten is the (co-)author of eight books about 21st Century paradigms and has contributed to two international bestsellers, ‘Success Mindsets: How Top Entrepreneurs Succeed in Business and Life’ and ‘Shine Your Light: Powerful Practices For An Extraordinary Life’.

She has an MA from University of Copenhagen and New School for Social Research in New York and  is a certified Evolutionary Coach and Flowgame Host – a process tool that activates Collective Intelligence. She continues to study neuroleadership, regenerative leadership, collective leadership, trauma informed leadership and illuminary leadership.

In Kirsten’s own words: “I help leaders, entrepreneurs & fiery souls accelerate their transition into the mindset which drives success and influence in the 21st century. High performers are always improving. I provide a science- and best practice-based GPS for 21st Century Leadership and help leaders upgrade to the new inner OS at the speed of technology.”

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Kirsten Stendevad's Speaking Topics

  • Leadership of the New Dawn:

7 R/Evolutionary Stepping Stones to the Feminine Operating System of the 21st Century that Regenerates the Planet, Awakens our Dormant Superpowers and Restores the Wholeness of Humanity.

  • 21st Century Leadership - connecting feminine and masculine traits:

We are in a paradigm shift from the traditional hierarchical organisations that are run like machines to future organisations which work more like organisms with collaborations going on in networks across all levels and units. This change calls for a higher degree of self-leadership and new navigational skills. Key future leadership qualities are more ‘feminine’ – regardless of gender. Based on her Nordic book “The future is Feminine – 7 facets of 21st Century Leadership” Kirsten Stendevad will introduce you to the 7 virtues that take leadership to a whole new level.

  • From Crisis to Quantum Leap:

How we can help each other turn individual and company crisis into upgrades and how to turn the global crisis into a birth of a golden era for Humanity. Let's remember: A crisis is a terrible thing - to waste.

  • How to solve the Diversity Problem and Futureproof the Company in one go:

Women are the canaries in the coalmine of the modern company. So if you solve the diversity problem at its root cause, you not only retain and attract precisely the most creative talent, which enables future proofing the organization. You also create a better workplace for all - and take care of the planet while you are at it.

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Videos of Kirsten Stendevad

Are you a leader, entrepreneur or fiery soul who want to step up?
Are you a leader, entrepreneur or fiery soul who want to step up?
From crisis to quantum leap
From crisis to quantum leap
How corporate leaders can accomplish their most important goals in one go
How corporate leaders can accomplish their most important goals in one go
Women, your feminine leadership is urgently needed
Women, your feminine leadership is urgently needed

Comments & Testimonials

So timely, relevant and exciting. Kirsten's book and talk on why the future is feminine and how to adapt, is both highly relevant and very exciting – not least for men.
Lars Jørgensen, CEO Waves Communication
Kirsten's talks are life changing. Kirsten Stendevad is an inspiring, personal and incredibly articulate speaker who is able to give her audience something to take home. If you listen closely, Kirsten can change your life.
Lise Leonhard Hjort, CEO Inq
Should be mandatory for all. We just evaluated the day and everyone who attended your super workshop agreed that it was the best one of the day and that it should be mandatory for everyone to hear what you said. Fantastic. Those who didn’t attend it were really sorry that they missed out, so we would like to hire you again.
Morten Boel Sigurdsson, CEO Omada
The way to go if you want to retain women and young talent. Kirsten Stendevad is an inspiring and engaging speaker, who in an entertaining manner talks about a refreshing approach to 21st century leadership. Her workshop was full of interesting new angles on why holistic leadership is necessary today, not least if you want to attract and retain the new generations in the workplace.
Stella Krogager, senior PA, Novo Nordisk
Kirsten Stendevad is an exceptionally inspiring and illuminating woman and speaker. She has a rare ability to see past the obstacles many of us let ourselves be stopped by, and she contaminates us with her enthusiasm for new thoughts and ideas. She is always on the cutting edge of emerging trends.
Anne Christine Hagedorn, entrepreneur
You moved the whole audience. It was an amazing talk you gave, Kirsten, it moved something in every single attendant. With people like you in the world, there is hope.
Marion Pedersen, Ambassador United Peace Federation

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