Kiran Gange Keynote Speaker

  • CEO and founder at RapidPricer, an Artificial Intelligence based company.
  • Vast experience of pricing through mathematical algorithms.
  • Consulted on behalf of PwC, IBM and Kurt Salmon.

Kiran Gange's Biography

Kiran Gange is the CEO and founder at RapidPricer, an Artificial Intelligence based company in Amsterdam that specializes in reducing food waste through real time pricing for retailers.

Previously, he had founded CustoLogix in the year 2008 to help retailers leverage analytics and mathematical capabilities for pricing and promotions. Recently, Kiran has also founded Global Launch Base, an internationalization consulting firm in 2021 which helps European companies with international go-to-market strategies and market launches.

He has over 16 years of experience launching innovative technologies around the world. He has consulted on behalf of large consulting companies such as PwC, IBM and Kurt Salmon at some of the largest retailers in the world. His entrepreneurial experiences include successful ventures in the Silicon Valley, Mexico City, Bangalore, Amsterdam and New Delhi.

Kiran is a powerful speaker and writer with the ability to motivate and lead teams to pursue vision towards
impactful goals. He has the ability to connect with multi cultural teams and has trained on entrepreneurship and retail
technologies at several prestigious institutions and organizations such as the U.C. Berkeley in California and the European
Pricing Platform in Belgium.

Kiran holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering with honors from the Bangalore Institute of Technology and
an MBA from the Pepperdine University on a full merit scholarship.

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Kiran Gange's Speaking Topics

  • • Automation in Pricing for Retail and eCommerce

  • • Retail Pricing

  • • Food Wastage in Retail

  • • Retail Promotions

  • • Artificial Intelligence in Retail

  • • Automation in Retail

  • • Assortment Planning in Retail

  • • Food Technology

  • • Sustainable Fashion

  • • Electronics Retailing

  • • Category Management in Retail

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Videos of Kiran Gange

RapidPricer General Introduction Video Aug 2022
RapidPricer General Introduction Video Aug 2022
Retail Pricing with Big Data by CustoLogix Inc
Retail Pricing with Big Data by CustoLogix Inc
Global Launch Base General Introduction Video #1
Global Launch Base General Introduction Video #1
Kiran Gange EU India Inno Center Pricing
Kiran Gange EU India Inno Center Pricing

Articles, Media & Podcasts

Books by Kiran Gange

kiran gange book
The Expert Guide to Retail Pricing

Comments & Testimonials

For my course in Retail Management and E-commerce (Master Marketing at the VU) RapidPricer provided the case. Kiran introduced the case as well as the current state of the retail field, especially focusing on the challenges and opportunities that new technologies provide the industry.
Assistant Professor of Marketing
At RadioShack, Custologix worked well in augmenting our team with reporting capabilities and optimized the use of our markdown pricing tool. The ramp up process was quick and they integrated themselves into our team seamlessly. It was evident that Kiran and his team were well versed in the technology we used for Pricing and provided continuous value-add methods of evaluating the business.
Kiran and his company are extremely efficient and skillful. They produce a high quality product every time that is either on-time or early. Kiran explains complex topics in easy to understand terms and then executes flawlessly.
Nextail Labs

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