Kim Davis Keynote Speaker

  • Highly influential and in-demand writer, producer, and presenter
  • Creator of "Business Lesson's from the Movies"
  • Candidate on the BBC TV series The Apprentice UK, where The Guardian named her “The Nicest Candidate Ever''
kim davis

Kim Davis's Biography

Kim Davis is a highly influential and in-demand writer, producer, and presenter. She has worked in the travel, arts, & entertainment industry for over 25 years and is a respected authority on numerous areas of The Arts including music, film, and television.

Before the age of 22, this ambitious New Yorker already held three university degrees in Music, Business, & Theatre Performance; was the youngest person ever to teach at New York University; and was the Director of Film & Programming for a New York television station under the direction of broadcast legend Martin Stone. Kim went on to be a Writer, Producer, Director, and On-Air Presenter for some of America’s largest TV & radio stations and media outlets.

In 2003, Kim launched her own consultancy, Sarsaparilla Ltd. Here she continues to advise and support the world’s top creative leaders, including Grammy Award-Winning artists and entertainment moguls, on advanced marketing and other high performance business strategies.

She currently travels the world delivering her original and entertaining keynote talks, “Business Lessons From The Movies” and “Heroines of Hollywood”. This is a collection of masterful talks that explores how Hollywood has influenced business for over a century. From the products we buy through to presidential elections, you’ll discover the secrets of success and how to apply these lessons to your business.

Kim writes for several publications, including The Telegraph, and continues to speak, perform, and make regular media appearances. She was also a candidate on the BBC TV series The Apprentice UK, where The Guardian named her “The Nicest Candidate Ever”.

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