Kelly Vero Keynote Speaker

  • Author of best-selling fiction books: Summer Girl (2013) and Prince of Tokyo (2018).
  • Independent consultant, as well as Chief Metaverse Officer of Aequaland
  • Futurist, game developer, and architect of the Metaverse with over 30 years in the gaming and technology industry.

Kelly Vero's Biography

Kelly Vero is a futurist, game developer, and architect of the Metaverse with over 30 years in the gaming and technology industry. She is acknowledged worldwide as an expert on the Metaverse and the huge growth market areas that virtual platforms unveil. Her expertise and passion for storytelling and pop culture can be seen in her best-selling fiction books: Summer Girl (2013) and Prince of Tokyo (2018).

Kelly Vero’s goal as a speaker is to show you the world of tomorrow, today. As a speaker, she highlights the paradigms that arise in today’s virtual landscape.

Her conferences focus on revealing the links between the physical and the virtual realms, helping business leaders navigate the world of Web 3.0 easily, from digital fashion to AI Commerce, and everything in between.

Kelly’s grounded, simple, and educational approach to the Metaverse –which she defines as a persistent online space that exists to deliver content and technology from any industry vertical in really meaningful ways– is one of the key reasons why she’s become one of the most sought-after digital leaders of the Metaverse.

Moreover, her digital leadership is a result of her passion for pushing technology to its edge through education, sustainability, and social impact, which makes her a must-have speaker for any meeting planner who seeks to inspire his/her audiences to create a better future through virtual spaces.

Kelly Vero’s career has been strongly guided by her passion for pop culture and the evolution of end-user and consumer generations towards future-gazing.

She has crafted a career in development throughout some of the world’s most famous franchises and has shipped a number of very successful AAA video games with mass-market appeal for both adults and children.

Before creating and refining characters in the Transformers continuous universe, Kelly was already hooked into the possibilities of technology where humans meet everything from robots and autonomous vehicles to fashion, wearables, and food.

Kelly Vero started out as a broadcast journalist at MTV, and her experience and passion for gamification, storytelling, and virtual entertainment has led her to consult for high-profile organizations and industry leaders, such as the European Commission, Swiss Arts Council (Pro Helvetia), Confetti Media Group, and many others.

Kelly Vero is currently an independent consultant, as well as Chief Metaverse Officer of Aequaland, an inclusive & fun educational platform for kids aimed at promoting self-discovery and fostering emotional intelligence.

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Kelly Vero's Speaking Topics

  • Free-to-Play

Developing Creators in the Metaverse. In the session she will bust some myths and prepare the audience minds for the next stage of the metaverse through the eyes of our players and end-users.

  • Betting on the Metaverse

Why the future of Casinos is Web3. In this exciting presentation, metaverse thought-leader and futurist Kelly Vero will look at the landscape of casinos across technology; busting myths and inviting a new way of thinking about the future of playing as a lifestyle. This promises to be a lively two-way conversation to illustrate the power of fun in future gambling, betting and casinos: from VR and AR to metaverse and gaming.

  • The metaverse and you!

The future of trends in shared social spaces.

  • Truly Beyond Games

Applying Game Knowledge to Real Life.

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Videos of Kelly Vero

Kelly Vero Thinking Heads Metaverse2022
Kelly Vero Thinking Heads Metaverse2022
Are you ready for the Metaverse? Kelly Vero, Digital Leader and Game Developer
Are you ready for the Metaverse? Kelly Vero, Digital Leader and Game Developer

Books by Kelly Vero

Prince of Tokyo

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