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Keith Fraser

speaker location icon London, U.K.

“Motivational Entertainer”

Pioneer of Cojones Theory for Sales & Business Success

Speaker, Presenter, Host and Facilitator

“Keith Fraser presented at one of my professional networking events as the
motivational speaker. The feedback we received for him was outstanding! Not only
did he add great value to the meeting but the way he projects his voice and
influences the audience is quite something altogether. I have nothing but positive
comments to share about Keith Fraser and if everyone took a leaf out of his book
the world would be a far better place.” David Votta. Head of Kent Region, ARLA

Keith Fraser has a wealth of experience both in a professional business capacity, as well as in entertaining audiences. For a number of years a high-end tele-salesman, and consistently the number one deal writer, Keith is also a member of the RICS (Royal institution of Chartered Surveyors) and still involved as an investor in the property market himself.

Often described as having an off the wall unique character, Keith is known for his cheeky and bold experiences, from prank calling Sir Alex Ferguson a few hours before sending his Man Utd team into the Champions League final, to debating political heavyweights such as Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, former London Mayor Ken Livingstone & former Foreign Secretary David Miliband, in front of live audiences, on TV and on his own community radio show. Additionally, with that mischievous and adventurous side to his character, he has performed on stage musically as a vocalist and guitar player, in comedy, and later on in broadcasting and political arenas.

Keith has also turned his talents to further broadcasting for renowned You Tube Boxing Channel, Seconds Out, interviewing fighters at major events, and for his own Cojones TV channel, including his interview series Cojones Icons where he has frank discussions looking into the mindset of well-known personalities such as Ross Kemp, Nigel Farage, Judge Rinder, Chris Eubank amongst other household names.

With this history of performing, communicating and persuading, Keith, is a true blend of wise and wacky, and has furthered his innate talents by studying psychological fields including Transactional Analysis under the renowned Mavis Klein, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), to understand deeper, the art of persuasion and what makes people tick.

Having always put himself on the front line, with his head above the parapet, regardless of the platform, people regularly pointed out that he has a rare mix of talents, that enable him to ‘all at once’, articulate, convince, inspire, and perhaps most importantly, entertain.

In putting it all together, Keith now regularly motivates and entertains audiences with his very own revolutionary theories on getting ahead of the rest via one vital trait, audacity and boldness.

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