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Keith Ferrazzi Keynote Speaker

  • Leading authority on the importance of relationships in business
  • Author of #1 best-sellers Leading Without Authority (2020) Who’s Got Your Back (2009) and Never Eat Alone (2005)
  • Founder & Chairman of Ferrazzi Greenlight

Keith Ferrazzi's Biography

Keith Ferrazzi is an author, entrepreneur and global leading authority on the power and significance of relationships in business. He is a highly sought-after speaker on the future of work and leadership.

As Founder and Chairman of Ferrazzi Greenlight and its research institute Go Forward to Work, Keith provides corporate market leaders with strategic consulting and training to improve sales, performance, and team cohesion, with an emphasis on personal transformation. The firm also created The Relationship Masters Academy, an online learning platform for individuals to develop people skills for both personal and commercial ends.

Keith is number one New York Times best-selling author of three books. In ‘Who’s Got Your Back’, he emphasises the importance of building and maintaining ‘lifeline relationships’ – a narrow category of deep, trusting peer relationships that disproportionately affect our careers and well-being. He also wrote ‘Never Eat Alone’, which was credited by industry luminaries as revolutionising conceptions of networking, and won him the title of ‘World’s Most Connected Person’ in Forbes magazine, and ‘Leading Without Authority’.

Keith is a frequent contributor to CNN and CNBC. He has authored numerous articles for leading business publications, including Forbes, Inc., The Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review. He has been named a “Global Leader of Tomorrow” by the World Economic Forum, one of the top “40 Under 40” business leaders by Crain’s Business, and placed fourth in a list of the most creative American businessmen compiled by Who’s Really Who.  Formerly, he was the CMO of Deloitte and Starwood Hotels.

Keith moves audiences to action and has been enthusiastically recognized as one the world’s most dynamic, engaging speakers. He has received accolades from an impressively eclectic list of audiences, including Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, the United Nations, Facebook, the World Economic Forum, Kraft, GM, Century 21 and AT&T.

Speaking Topics Include:

Competing in a New Work World – The pandemic forced us to shed antiquated ways of doing business and make bold leaps into the future of work. In this keynote, Keith uncovers how the world’s greatest companies are remaining competitive in a post-pandemic world. You’ll leave inspired and ready to catapult your organization forward, embrace new realities, and discover new frontiers.

High-Performing Teams – Accelerate Collaboration through Co-Elevation® Now more than ever, leaders need to build teams that are committed to going higher together. You’ll walk away with a roadmap for implementing Co-Elevation® – a powerful approach to collaboration – and an understanding of its power to break down silos, transform teams, and re-invent asynchronous collaboration.

Why Relationships are Crucial to Success – Effective leaders understand that they can’t achieve success on their own. In this keynote, you’ll learn how to engender trust and develop genuine connections, how to motivate others to higher levels of performance, how to build an inclusive and high-performing team, and how to lead with passion and purpose.

Deeper Relationships for Revenue Growth – Sales professionals now face the challenge of building relationships in a virtual environment. No matter the setting, one lasting strategy for consistently growing revenue is to proactively build genuine relationships. You’ll leave inspired and enabled to expand and deepen your connections for greater revenue growth.

How to Lead Without Authority – Leaders can no longer cling to the constraining models of authority and control. In this talk, you’ll learn why “great businesses require radical interdependency” and how to employ that concept in your business, allowing you to connect to the people involved in it.

Leading Exponential Change – Each and every one of us has the capacity to be agents of change. Organizational transformation begins at the level of the individual, and this keynote will ignite the fire within each member of the crowd to be the catalyst for change within their respective organizations, no matter their role.



“Keith has the rare gift of inspiring you to think deeper, dream bigger and, most importantly, bring more generosity to the people and communities that matter most to you.” – VP of HR, Legal, Finance, Shared Services at Patagonia

“Keith facilitates each event so that every guest walks away feeling a little more connected both with themselves and with the industry peer group they are part of.” – CMO, Airbnb

“[Keith] fundamentally transformed the way our partners engage with each other.” – Senior Manager, Accenture

“Keith Ferrazzi is that rare speaker who combines an infectious energy with inspiration and great stories to lift the audience. No matter how engaged people are when they enter the room, Keith grabs their attention immediately and takes them on a ride where they will leave wanting not only to transform their teams, but transform their lives to be more honest, open and of service to others. I always know we’ll have an amazing experience when Keith speaks.” – Founder & Executive Chairman of The XPRIZE Foundation

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Videos of Keith Ferrazzi

Keith Ferrazzi Speaking Highlights
Keith Ferrazzi Speaking Highlights
Relationships for Leadership Success & High Performance Teams (2012)
Relationships for Leadership Success & High Performance Teams (2012)
Networking Well and Not Being a
Networking Well and Not Being a "Social Climber" (2013)

Books by Keith Ferrazzi

KF cover
Leading Without Authority: Why You Don’t Need To Be In Charge to Inspire Others and Make Change Happen (2020)
KF cover
Who's Got Your Back: The Breakthrough Program to Build Deep, Trusting Relationships That Create Success--and Won't Let You Fail (2009)
KF cover
Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time (2005)

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