Karin Nilsdotter Keynote Speaker

  • Astropreneur (space entrepreneur) and future astronaut
  • CEO, Spaceport Sweden (2011-present)
  • Named by Saab as "Technology Woman of the Year" (2014)

Karin Nilsdotter's Biography

Karin Nilsdotter is the CEO, and partner, of Spaceport Sweden, which is a pioneering initiative to establish commercial human spaceflight as a new industry for tourism, research, education and cross industry innovation.

A thought leader and advocate, Karin has become an influential voice for the commercial space industry and has led the development of Destination: Space, a national strategy for human spaceflight and space tourism, a regulatory framework for suborbital human spaceflight, a space adventure portfolio, founded TEDxKiruna and Creative Space; an innovation do-tank.

As an experienced leader, strategic advisor and speaker, Karin has been recognised for her innovative work and awarded Tech Woman of the Year in Sweden, cited as as a ‘game changer’ by WIRED Magazine and as a leading women in Newspace globally.

Karin is a certified board professional and serves on the advisory board of VIMANA Global Inc, enabling blockchain airspace and developing an air taxi, VTOL vehicle. She also serves as strategic and technical advisor to the ESA-Space Incubator in Sweden and previously on the Board of Directors of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation in the US and as council member for Swedish Lapland Chamber of Commerce, Arctic Business Incubator and chairman of Swedish Lapland Visitors Board.

Engaged in industry and community development, Karin was recently invited to speak at the United Nations Expert Meeting on Space for Women, an effort to develop and launch a global project to attract and empower more women and diversity to ensure industry growth and competitiveness. She earned her Executive MBA from Henley Business School, commended for her achievements and is a Future Astronaut.



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Videos of Karin Nilsdotter

TEDtalk: "The sky is not the limit - why investing in space still matters" (2014)
Possibilities For Start-ups in Space Tourism (2014)
Possibilities For Start-ups in Space Tourism (2014)
Building a New Space Industry (2014)
Building a New Space Industry (2014)

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