Julie Albright Keynote Speaker

  • Digital Sociologist and Keynote Speaker on Digital Culture
  • Board Member of Infrastructure Masons
  • Faculty Member of the Depts. of Applied Psychology and the Electrical Engineering at USC

Julie Albright's Biography

Dr. Julie M. Albright is a digital sociologist and keynote speaker who explores the ways digital natives’ interaction with technology has reshaped the structure of society. Her insightful talks on the impact of digital transformation illustrates the way technology-run individuals become disconnected from traditional structures such as marriage, political parties and long-term employment. She questions the meaning of life, humanity and the impactful displacement from a digitalised hyper-connectivity. Julie is also an award-winning professor, and was voted second Most Recommended Professor at USC. 

She is a thought-leader and go-to expert on the growing intersection of society, behaviour and technology. Author of Left To Their Own Devices, she illustrates her understanding of society undergoing constant change, made by digital conveniency, leading to questions that are current and ongoing. The recognition of threats, created by the same digital nomads, include increased isolation, anxiety, fragmented attention spans and detachment from the calm of nature is highlighted, leaving readers and her audiences in contemplation. In 2019, Julie spoke at TEDxBoulder where she talked about the paradox of connection.

Her work has been praised by increasing an awareness of the possible disconnection generated by our digitalised world. As a sought-after keynote speaker, Julie has given global talks to professional audiences including SAP, IBM Global, CS Week, the American Society of Petroleum Engineers, AESP, the Dept. of Defense, and Data Center Dynamics. She has also appeared on national television programmes including The Today Show, CNN, NBC, Nightly News, Nat Geo, CBS, Dr. Phil and NPR. She has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, TIME and Newsweek. Julie is also a board member of Infrastructure Masons, a professional organisation for IT and datacenter professionals. 

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Videos of Julie Albright

TEDxBoulder: It is Not About The Devices
TEDxBoulder: It is Not About The Devices

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