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Julian JR Jackson Speaker

Julian “J.R.” Jackson

speaker location icon New York, New York

Youngest HLN TV Contributor

Contributor to CBS Sports

Social Media Consultant

“[JR] continues to break through… Low key, well thought out, globally savvy and very engaging, JR has generated not just millions of views as one of the independent leaders on YouTube Sports, he has also caught the attention of leagues, and now media companies like Turner, who regularly engage him on CNN for his style and his ability to get to elite athletes and personalities. Just 27 years old, JR is already a veteran in brand engagement” -Joe Favorito, Columbia University

A workaholic since he was a child, Julian J.R. Jackson has turned a love for sports, media and the internet into a full time career. Whether he’s in Los Angeles interviewing Hines Ward about conditioning, in Dallas talking social media with Kevin Hart or hosting a Google+ Hangout with Pelé from London, JR is always on the move.

Before college began, JR talked his way into a marketing and events internship at VIBE Magazine at the age of 17. He turned what was supposed to be a three month position into a year long crash course in business, marketing and communications. One of his early accomplishments includes being credited with arranging the first online podcast to be broadcasted directly from the web to MTV. Between his practical experience from VIBE and his business prowess from his college tenure, JR turned his attention to developing his own brand. Ten years later, JR has built an impossibly successful online sports brand, interviewed celebrities and legendary sports figures alike, visited more than 20 countries on assignment, mastered the art of marketing and online distribution, garnered more than 70 million views on his videos and consulted for various Fortune 100 companies on leveraging the power of social media.

As a self taught media strategist, he has developed online strategies for several celebrities and brands including legendary music icon DJ Grandmaster Flash, Capital One, and Madison Square Garden. He has enjoyed sponsorship and partnerships with various companies including Mountain Dew, Degree Men, Chevy, AT&T and Arby’s. He is currently in the process of launching the SportBrief Network globally to cultivate and distribute the sports opinions of celebrities, vloggers, musicians and beat reporters, covering every sport imaginable, just as he’s done with JRSportBrief.

With so much success and online buzz, JR was tapped by HLN TV (formerly CNN Headline News) to report on sports and popular culture. He is now the network’s youngest contributor. In addition to HLN, he is now a contributor to CBS Sports Television and the NY Daily News is publishing JR SportBrief content. With 1,560 Episodes, 74 Million Views and 100,000 Subscribers, JR is just getting started.

Our Comment

"As the first generation to grow up with social media, online marketing and new content distribution paradigms, Gen Y has a natural ability to navigate the digital age. With a decade of practical experience under his belt, JR has harnessed that natural ability and turned his knowledge into wisdom, and now shares his advice with audiences of all ages. This inspirational talk addresses brand development, monetizing the online world around us, content strategy and more. Whether he’s speaking with students, CEO’s or anyone in between, JR customizes each lecture to suit their specific needs."

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