Julian Hitch Keynote Speaker

  • Co-author of the best-selling book ‘Winning not Fighting'
  • Master of Wing Tsun, author, speaker and coach
  • Former Director of Well-Being at Leon Restaurants

Julian Hitch's Biography

Sifu Julian Hitch is a globally renowned Master of Wing Tsun, author, speaker and coach. He specialises in a martial art called Wing Tsun which is known for both its practicality and its humanity.  Julian has a passion for helping people achieve their purpose and find harmony in their lives.  He specialises in high impact work to help one truly understand oneself, removing limiting beliefs and creating flow in one’s life. He has worked with global celebrities, UHNW individuals, CEOs and Special Forces units to priests.

Julian is the co-author of the best-selling book ‘Winning not Fighting – Why you need to rethink success and how you achieve it with the Ancient Art of Wing Tsun.” with John Vincent, founder of Leon Restaurants.  He has featured in numerous media outlets including the BBC and Forbes.  He worked as the Director of Well-Being for Leon Restaurants for almost five years.

Knowing the power of Wing Tsun to transform people’s lives, his career has been one of creating new frontiers for the martial art and finding new ways for facilitating personal freedom. In an unceasing quest to share, he has taught across the world from China, Japan and Middle East to US and Europe. From combat to mental health to profound self-development, Julian has made waves in every industry he has worked in.

He has engaged with many client firms including Giff Gaff, Dell, Warner Music, Lidl, BBC, Kurt Geiger, Trowers & Hamlins, Morgan McKinley, Montreal Associates, Travellers, SR Group, Muzinich and Co, Apax Partners, Saffrey Champness, Mischon de Reya, Blue Latitude, SEACOM (The Study of Enterprise Agility Community), Aegon Asset Management, Aveeva, Fora, Soho House, Allbright, Buzzbar, Grass People Tree, DiveIn Network, Diversity Network, Leigh Day, Katten and Interlaw Network.

Julian has degrees in History and Law and has taught at several educational organisations from University of Law to Cass Business school. He is also known as a teacher of teachers, with over 120 people having successfully qualified under his tuition, many setting records in their own right.

His career includes setting Guinness World Records – being the youngest person in the world to achieve 4th Technician (equivalent to 5th degree Blackbelt), aged only 24. His career has been one of continued investment in personal growth – dedicating over 40,000 hours into his career training.  Julian is also known for his humanitarian work– focusing on helping people and business create peaceful and successful lives.  At the local community level, he has raised more than £40,000 for charities. He is an advisor and trainer to Special Forces units and the British Military, along with companies and clients in London and abroad.

Julian also runs a small organic farm on the outskirts of London, UK. He is an ambassador for Vivo Barefoot, Bellicon and Wellness Water.

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Julian Hitch's Speaking Topics

  • • Resilience -how to forge this 'Inner Steel', both mental and physical. How it really works

  • • The Art of Winning - How we should challenge our ingrained assumptions about success and achievement.

  • • Are your thoughts your own? Unlocking freedom, creativity and critical thinking.

  • • The Growth Mindset – creating success starts with attitude

  • • Creating an Organisational Culture of Health and High Performance

  • • Stress: Why does it happen and how can we manage it?

  • • How to Stay Relaxed & Re-ignite Your Motivation

  • • How to create 'psychological safety' in these uncertain times

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Videos of Julian Hitch

Winning not Fighting in 60sec by Julian Hitch
Winning not Fighting in 60sec by Julian Hitch
Fedayeen Daggers | Ancient Assassins
Fedayeen Daggers | Ancient Assassins
Nature as Inspiration for a New Fighting Style
Nature as Inspiration for a New Fighting Style
30 Challenge Julian Hitch MASE
30 Challenge Julian Hitch MASE

Articles, Media & Podcasts

Books by Julian Hitch

Winning Not Fighting: Why you need to rethink success and how you achieve it with the Ancient Art of Wing Tsun

Comments & Testimonials

Great session, Julian - with simple, practical takeaways. Thank you for giving your time and energy.
Amazing passion, energy and presence. Whatever they are paying you, they should pay you more
Wow - what a pleasure to have you involved. People were bowled over by the energy and positivity of the event and they loved your session.
Claire Farrow Conference Director
Legendary. And all of giffgaff felt the same. You were all over Insta afterwards, we posted on Linkedin and plenty of people told me that this was their favourite Universigaff (we've had about 30). For me, things like this impact and nudge our 'culture' by reminding people how to behave in a world of noise and anxiety. We'd love to get you back in somehow.
Al Gill People Director
Thank you so much for presenting. It was a cracking presentation! Look forward to meeting again in the future.
Daniel Cave Head of Content

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