Julian Baggini Speaker

Julian Baggini Keynote Speaker

  • Co-founder of "The Philosophers' Magazine"
  • Academic Director of "Royal Institute of Philosophy"
  • Esteemed author with more than 20 published books

Julian Baggini's Biography

Dr Julian Baggini is the author, co-author or editor of over 20 books including The Sunday Times bestsellers The Pig that Wants to be Eaten and How The World Thinks, and, most recently, How to Think Like a Philosopher (all Granta).

He was the founding editor of The Philosophers’ Magazine and has written for numerous newspapers and magazines including the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, Prospect and the Guardian, as well as for the think tanks The Institute of Public Policy Research, Demos and Counterpoint.

He given talks and run training for companies such as TotalEnergies, BNP Paribas, the UN’s World Intellectual Property Organization and has given keynotes at events such as the conferences of SOLACE (Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and Senior Managers), the National Union of Teachers, and the Dutch Bioethics Association; and at events such as The Sustainable Food Summit, The Sustainable Cosmetics Summit and Food Matters Live. His Tedx talk Is There a Real You has had over 1.7 million views on TED.com.

Julian has a broad range of philosophical interests which he brings to bear on real-world issues and problems. He is especially interested in cross-cultural thinking, identity, critical thinking and ethics.

He has served as Academic Director of the Royal Institute of Philosophy, is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Kent and has been a member of the Food Ethics Council since 2016. His website is JulianBaggini.com.

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Julian Baggini's Speaking Topics

  • How the World Thinks:

How to understand the deep cultural differences which influence the way people think across the globe.

  • Ethics, Character and Culture:

Why rules, codes and principles are not enough to create an ethical corporate culture and what is needed in addition.

  • Building Identity:

What identity (corporate and/or personal) is, why it matters and how to build one.

  • How to Think Like a Philosopher (and when not to):

Learning from the best tinkers of the past and present to make yourself a better thinker.

  • Rad Hoc:

How to achieve maximum impact with minimal change.

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Videos of Julian Baggini

Is there a real you?
Is there a real you?
How can we understand the self?
How can we understand the self?
What is Ultimate Reality?
What is Ultimate Reality?
Is Death Final?
Is Death Final?

Articles, Media & Podcasts

Books by Julian Baggini

How to Think Like a Philosopher: Essential Principles for Clearer Thinking (2023)
Julian Baggini Speaker
The Pig That Wants to Be Eaten: 100 Experiments for the Armchair Philosopher
Julian Baggini Speaker
How the World Thinks: A Global History of Philosophy
Julian Baggini Speaker
The Great Guide: What David Hume Can Teach Us about Being Human and Living Well
Atheism: A Very Short Introduction
Julian Baggini Speaker
The Ego Trick
Julian Baggini Speaker
The Edge of Reason: A Rational Skeptic in an Irrational World

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