Juergen Maier Keynote Speaker

  • Chair of Digital Catapult, Co-Founder of vocL.
  • Former CEO of Seimens UK
  • Awarded CBE in the New Years honors list 2019

Juergen Maier's Biography

Prof. Juergen Maier, a distinguished figure in the fields of industry and innovation, known for his expertise in digital transformation and sustainable manufacturing. He serves as the Chair of Digital Catapult, co-founder of vocL and the Vice-Chair of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership. Throughout his illustrious career, Jürgen has been a vocal advocate for Industry 4.0 and its transformative impact on manufacturing through his consultancy work and speaking engagements.

He holds a BSc in production engineering from Nottingham Trent University which he obtained on a Siemens-sponsored graduate programme. He is now an honorary Professor for engineering at Nottingham Trent University and the University of Manchester.

Maier began his professional journey with Siemens in 1986, quickly rising through the ranks to become the CEO of Siemens UK in 2014. During his tenure, he championed the integration of digital technologies into manufacturing processes, positioning Siemens at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. His leadership extended beyond the corporate sector as he played a significant role in national industrial strategy, advising the UK government and other key stakeholders on the future of manufacturing.

A passionate advocate for sustainability, Jürgen has consistently pushed for greener manufacturing practices. His efforts have included promoting the adoption of digital technologies to enhance energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprints in industrial operations. His dedication to sustainable development earned him widespread recognition and numerous accolades within the industry.

Maier received honorary doctorates for his services to UK Science and Engineering from the Universities of Lincoln, Nottingham Trent and Salford Manchester among others. He was also awarded a Fellowship of the City & Guilds Institute in 2020, in recognition of skills development support for technical apprenticeships and workplace upskilling for 4th Industrial Revolution technologies.  He also led the Made Smarter Review in 2017, an influential report that has been pivotal in shaping UK industrial policy.

Juergen Maier is a pivotal figure in the green industrial revolution, digitalization of manufacturing, and sustainable public transport. His leadership roles and advisory positions underscore his commitment to advancing the UK’s industrial sectors. Maier’s insights and achievements make him a leading voice in green re-industrialisation and innovation.

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Juergen Maier's Speaking Topics

  • Leadership in Industry 4.0

Discover Juergen's passion about responsible business and creating prosperity through the creation of a vibrant green 4th industrial technology revolution, especially in northern regions. Explore insights on how he advises tech start-up and scale-up businesses which are a key part of the industrial ecosystem in creating the green 4th Industrial revolution.

  • Digital transformation

Explore insights into digital transformation, leadership, and sustainable practices that make Jurgen a sought-after speaker at conferences and industry events worldwide.

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Videos of Juergen Maier

Juergen Maier | a conversation with Pride in Leadership
Juergen Maier | a conversation with Pride in Leadership
How important is ‘wokeness’ in leadership? With Jürgen Maier
How important is ‘wokeness’ in leadership? With Jürgen Maier

Books by Juergen Maier

Made Smarter Review (2017)

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