Josh Klein

Josh Klein Keynote Speaker

  • Passionate hacker of all things and expert on emerging technologies
  • Host of ‘The Big Change’, a New York Times and Accenture podcast
  • Advisor to clients including Pfizer, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Sony Ericsson and UNICEF

Josh Klein's Biography

Josh Klein is a passionate hacker of all things. He understands that the greatest innovations are born out of rethinking ordinary situations. He is an expert in examining systems, deconstructing and reconstructing to produce something new and more effective.

Josh started as a technology hacker in his parent’s basement and now regularly consults for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies alike, on digital transformation and strategy. Previous clients include Pfizer, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Sony Ericsson, UNICEF, amongst others.

He has harnessed emerging technologies across a range of industries, including social systems, computer networks, institutions, consumer hardware and animal behavior. Josh specializes in translating technology insights into actionable strategies for business leaders and has consulted with businesses on: cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Big Data, 3D printing and the Internet of Things.

Josh hosts ‘The Big Change’, a new business podcast contracted by Accenture and the New York Times.

Josh Klein sits on many boards as an expert on emerging technologies. He is a Board Advisor to and; a Board Advisor to Iceland’s Modern Media Iniative (MMI); a Singularity University Mentor; a World Economic Forum Expert Network Advisor; an Advisor for Parsons School of Design, Emerging Research and Social Trends Lab; an AIBRT Research Associate; and an Innovation Board member for

He has written for media publications including the Guardian, Harvard Business Review, Fortune, and Make Magazine, and has been interviewed by The New York Times, Oprah Magazine, Wired Magazine, La Monde, Kommersant and The Seattle PI. Josh has also appeared on television programs such as Nova, Discovery, and the Sundance Channel and hosted the popular National Geographic series, The Link.

Josh has presented on the TED Mainstage, at the World Economic Forum’s Davos conference, at Stanford and MIT Universities and to corporate groups such as Microsoft, Mastercard, the CIA and NSA. His keynotes on technology innovation focus on how we can use it to our advantage and to create a better world.

Speaking topics

  • Innovation in practice: How to incorporate world-changing new tech into an organization to produce significant growth, with real-world examples of successes and failures.
  • The Internet of Things + AI: Distributed sensor networks (i.e., the IoT + AI) are changing how people live, what they buy, and how they relate. This talk explores this algorithmic intelligence and what it means for your businesses.
  • Human Capital… Isn’t: The rise of the gig economy and how changing expectations from truly innovative employees can mean for your organization.
  • People Vs Robots – How Both Will Win: Society is only just responding to the tidal wave of disruption presented by Robots, AI and Big Data. Learn how to get ahead of the risk – and your competition.
  • Facebook vs Goebbles: How Does Tech Control Us? What does the scale and scope of data on employees and consumers mean for the evolution of business? Learn about the responsibilities this entails, the risks of getting it wrong, and how to positively bring the impending era of hyper personalized cognitive modeling to bear on your existing (and future) markets.



“Josh is an insatiably curious mind, always read to open a new door, a new alley, a new highway towards the future. [He is] a constant ticket towards what the future could be.” – Mark Mathieu (Global Brand Manager, Coca Cola)

“Josh is not only a hacker of work; he’s a hacker of speaking. He ignores conventions that suck energy out of a room and opens eyes” – Jim Ericson (Founder and CEO, The Masters Forum)

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Videos of Josh Klein

Joshua Klein: The intelligence of crows
Joshua Klein: The intelligence of crows
What is your Mother Worth: Josh Klein at TEDxTimesSquare
What is your Mother Worth: Josh Klein at TEDxTimesSquare
TEDxDUBLIN - Josh Klein - Hacking Work
TEDxDUBLIN - Josh Klein - Hacking Work
Josh Klein | Big Data and Social Control: A Brave New World?
Josh Klein | Big Data and Social Control: A Brave New World?
Josh Klein - Video Showcase
Josh Klein - Video Showcase

Books by Josh Klein

Reputation Economics
Hacking Work: Breaking Stupid Rules for Smart Results

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