John Lobell New York, USA

  • Author, “Visionary Creativity: How New Worlds are Born" (2015)
  • Professor of Architecture, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
  • Director of Research, Timeship, a biotech facility


Lobell Speaking: Book Reading (2016)
Lobell Speaking: Visionary Creativity (2016)
Lobell Speaking: The Individual (2016)


Expert on Creativity and Innovation, and author of “Visionary Creativity: How New Worlds are Born,” John Lobell looks at how creativity can unloose new paradigms that change every aspect of our lives, and can enhance your innovativeness and that of your organization.

Lobell received his degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, is a professor of architecture at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn where he has influenced generations of students, and is the Director of Research for Timeship, an innovative life-extension biotech facility. He is the author of several books and numerous articles, and he lectures widely.

Lobell speaks on Creativity and Innovation with a unique approach that sees them in the broad context of technology, science, business, and the arts. He shows how Visionary Creatives swim in the culture of our day and manifest in their work the spirit of our age, thus creating the future. Today’s creatives are now bringing us a new “world” and even a new “self” made of computationally generated interconnected fractal networks that are storable, translatable, and transmittable at the speed of light.

Addressing the importance of creativity, Lobell writes, “as individuals we can be either passive consumers or active creators; as an economy, we can compete by lowering the cost of labor, or by creating new technologies, goods, and services; as a society we can live in the past or create the future; and most importantly, as a culture we can keep alive a moral and creative center in the heart of each individual, or we can surrender that responsibility that resides in each of us.” Find out how you and your organization can deepen your creativity.

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