John Demartini Keynote Speaker

  • Specialist in maximising human awareness, potential and leadership
  • Internationally published author on human behaviour
  • Leading business consultant


Dr. John Demartini is a world renowned specialist in human behaviour, working as a researcher, author and global educator.

Having worked individually and collectively with entrepreneurs, board members, CEOs, managers, teams and employees for over 40 years, Dr. Demartini has developed an education curriculum ranging from corporate empowerment programs, financial empowerment strategies, self-development programs, relationship solutions and social transformation programs. These series of solutions are applicable across all markets, sectors and age groups.

His teachings start at the core of the issue, addressing the human factor and range out to a multitude of powerful tools that have proven the test of time. . His presentations, which he has shared on stage in over 60 countries in keynote, seminar or workshop form, leave clients with insights into their behaviour and keys to their empowerment.

Dr. Demartini is the author of 40 self-development books and manuscripts, such as the acclaimed “The Breakthrough Experience” which has been translated into over 29 languages. He has produced over 61 CDs and DVDs covering subjects from relationships, finance, education, business, leadership and health.

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Videos of John Demartini

The Secrets to Self-Mastery (2013)
The Secrets to Self-Mastery (2013)
Breaking the Fairytale Myth in Relationships (2013)
Breaking the Fairytale Myth in Relationships (2013)

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