Joanna Yarrow Keynote Speaker

  • Expert in sustainable living
  • Former Head of Sustainability for IKEA UK
  • Founder of the sustainability company, Beyond Green


Joanna is an international expert in sustainable living.  She currently leads the work of Ingka Group (the largest IKEA franchisee and business partner) to make sustainable and healthy living affordable, attractive and accessible for as many people as possible worldwide, with the goal to inspire and enable 1 billion people to live better lives within the limits of the planet by 2030.

Previously she was Head of Sustainability for IKEA UK & Ireland, where she led the integration of all aspects of sustainability into core business and innovation.

She has long specialised in sustainable living and making green, healthy lifestyles attractive and accessible through consultancy, broadcasting, writing & practical projects. She was a founder of the sustainability company Beyond Green, providing strategic advice to clients ranging from city leaders to the Olympics. A “face” of sustainability, Joanna has also been a prolific media personality. She presented BBC3’s Outrageous Wasters, and has appeared on lifestyles and current affairs programmes including GMTV and ITV Tonight.

She has also presented ITV’s 60 Minute Makeover, bringing a glamorous green touch to interior design. Joanna is the author of “1,001 Ways You Can Save the Planet”, “How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint” and “Eco-logical!” – books designed to make green living easy & accessible for a broad range of readers.

She lives in Malmö in Southern Sweden, where she cycles to work, swims in the chilly sea and is turning her kitchen into a hydroponic salad farm.

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