Jim Scheinman Keynote Speaker

  • Successfully led business development and sales at Friendster and Bebo, contributing to the latter's $850 million acquisition by AOL in 2008
  • Founding Managing Partner of Maven Ventures, which specializes in consumer software and services startups, identifying and nurturing high-potential companies
  • Instrumental in the early stages of Zoom Video Communications as one of the first investors and advisors, providing key strategic guidance that paved the way for its remarkable growth and IPO in 2019

Jim Scheinman's Biography

Jim Scheinman is a highly accomplished entrepreneur, angel investor, and venture capitalist. He has played an instrumental role in the exponential growth of some of Silicon Valley’s most successful technology companies. As the Founding Managing Partner of Maven Ventures, he has displayed a keen eye for identifying and nurturing the next generation of consumer technology startups. Jim is highly regarded for his critical contribution to the success of Zoom Video Communications, one of the world’s leading video conferencing platforms.

Throughout his career, Jim Scheinman has been a part of numerous successful startups, including four that reached valuations of over $1 billion. He served as the Head of Business Development and Sales at pioneering social networking site Friendster, and later joined Bebo, another leading social network, as the VP of Business Development and Sales. Jim’s leadership and strategic insights played a crucial role in the $850 million acquisition of Bebo by AOL in 2008.

As the Founding Managing Partner of Maven Ventures, Jim has displayed a unique ability to recognize and foster the potential of emerging startups. Maven Ventures is renowned for its focus on consumer software and services startups, with an emphasis on mobile, messaging, and marketplaces.

Jim’s most significant impact to date has been his involvement in the early stages of Zoom Video Communications. As one of the first investors and advisors, he played a crucial role in shaping the company’s direction and vision, which led to its extraordinary growth and eventual IPO in 2019. Jim’s unwavering support and strategic guidance helped transform Zoom into a household name, indispensable for businesses and individuals alike.

Jim Scheinman can share his extensive experience and deep knowledge of technology and startup investments, with a particular focus on his pivotal role in the rise of Zoom. Jim provides valuable insights and practical advice as a true visionary who has helped shape the landscape of modern communication technology.

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