Jim Mellon Keynote Speaker

  • Visionary Entrepreneur and Legendary Investor
  • Author of five books including 'Moo's Law -An Investor’s Guide to the New Agrarian Revolution"
  • Founder of several firms including Juvenescence, a company developing therapies for aging and the diseases of aging.


Jim Mellon is a visionary entrepreneur and investor with a wide range of interests. Through his private investment company, Burnbrae Group, he has substantial real estate holdings in Germany and the Isle of Man, as well as holdings in private and public companies.

Jim’s investment philosophy is underpinned by his ability to recognise emerging trends that give rise to new industries or major shifts in markets.

These trends which often turn into “money fountains” have included the financial crisis of 2008-2009, as foreseen in the first book Jim co-authored entitled Wake Up!, and subsequently in the new science and technologies detailed in Cracking the Code and Fast Forward.

In recent years, Jim has invested his time and attention inn is the field of longevity and is outlined in the book Juvenescence.  For decades, scientists have quietly been working away to understand the fundamental mechanisms of ageing.  As a result of this progress, scientists have been reproducibly altering the rates of ageing and maximum lifespan in animal models.  These discoveries are being translated into humans and will soon give rise to the largest industry on the planet. Jim and his partners have now set up Juvenescence, a company developing therapies for ageing and the diseases of ageing, to capitalise on this money fountain.

In September 2020, he published  ‘Moo’s Law- An Investor’s Guide to the New Agrarian Revolution“.    Jim has a vision that within the next couple of decades world agriculture will be radically transformed by the advent of cultivated meat technology. This book illustrates why such an advancement is absolutely necessary and shines a light on the investments one could make to become part of the New Agricultural Revolution.

Jim sits on the Board of Trustees of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, he is also a trustee of Biogerontology Research Foundation and Lifeboat Foundation and is an Honorary Fellow of Oriel College at the University of Oxford.


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 Investing in the Age of Longevity
Investing in the Age of Longevity

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Moo's Law -An Investor’s Guide to the New Agrarian Revolution
Juvenescence: Investing in the Age of Longevity

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