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Jim McNeill

speaker location icon United Kingdom

Founder and Exploerer, Ice Warrior (2001-present)

One of the World's most experienced and respected Explorers

Experienced Keynote and Motivational Speaker

Jim McNeill is a British polar explorer, presenter and keynote speaker, with over 30 years of experience travelling in the polar regions. He founded the Ice Warrior project in 2001. He has trained and guided many groups to the Arctic, including BBC film crews. His expeditions, travelling thousands of miles across the Arctic, give him regular opportunities to monitor polar bear populations for the Norwegian Polar Institute, as well as putting together a yearly scientific program for scientists to monitor the effects of climate change. He is an ambassador for Hauser Bears, a charitable organization committed to the conservation of bears worldwide. He is Vice president – Arctic Expeditions for Sea Research Society.

Ice Warrior is all about modern-day exploration using ordinary, everyday people to achieve extraordinary expeditionary feats. Our ethos harks back to the days when polar expeditions were not only pushing the boundaries of human endurance and extending the levels of the human spirit but purposeful explorations of the coldest and most remote regions of our planet. In this modern age, our discoveries are more about climate change, changes to flora, fauna and topography and as we come across these experiences we deliver them into the many homes, schools and businesses that follow us. These are truly life-changing experiences and demonstrate that with the right attitude, preparation and training, ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things. Inevitably, in developing people for these operations, we stand as role models for successful businesses, taking the lessons we learn about leadership and team performance into the corporate boardroom. To enable us to achieve these ambitious aims we apply leading-edge technologies and innovative engineering. All these things we do with the crucial support of our sponsors who fund the operations and our friends and families who put up with our absences. I do hope you enjoy perusing our website, to follow our exploits. Founded by Jim McNeill, Ice Warrior trains ordinary people from all walks of life to become competent, safe modern-day explorers, undertaking ground breaking, purposeful and worthwhile expeditions. Our quest is to help scientists gauge the pulse of the planet by developing people, to discover change and deliver it to global audiences in a way we can all understand, fostering a much better understanding of the world we live in and on; ultimately helping us to survive.

“Nothing less than inspirational… an authoritative blend of raw experience with practical coaching… energised an already highly motivated group of senior executives.”
-PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP
“Jim McNeill offers his audience an entertaining and fascinating insight into his truly remarkable adventures. His courage, unyielding determination and dedication to achieving the seemingly impossible left all those in the room feeling humbled and inspired. Any business serious about success should hear his message.”
– MD, TV
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