Jez Rose Keynote Speaker

  • Renowned consulting behaviourist - author of 'Flip The Switch'
  • Expert in the psychology of customer service excellence
  • Hosted own TV shows in the UK and was a special guest on Discovery and QVC

Jez Rose's Biography

Jez Rose, a renowned consulting behaviourist, has been captivating audiences at conferences around the globe for nearly two decades. His expertise lies in understanding the motivations behind human behaviour and leveraging this knowledge to effect positive change. With over fifteen years of experience, Jez has partnered with organisations worldwide, offering his insights to engage, inspire, and train teams. His specialist areas include organisational culture, imposter syndrome, and high-performance strategies.

Jez spent a decade presenting television for prominent networks such as BBC and ITV. His engaging personality shone through on shows like Saturday Kitchen, and he was a special guest on James Martin’s Saturday Morning. Today, Jez channels his charisma into creating compelling content for YouTube and social media platforms, where he continues to captivate a broad audience.

Jez’s influence extends beyond his on-screen presence. He has been invited to deliver TEDx talks in both the USA and UK, where he shared his insights on human behaviour and its influence on personal and professional success. As an author, Jez has penned six books, including the number one best-seller ‘Flip the Switch’ and two books for children. His award-winning writing has been featured in publications such as, The Daily Telegraph, and The Independent.

Podcast enthusiasts may recognise Jez as the host of the Roots, Wings & Other Things podcast. This popular show was listed by The Sunday Times as one of the top five gardening podcasts. Jez’s engaging personality also shines through on Instagram and YouTube, where he continues to share his insights and connect with his audience.

Jez Rose is a multi-talented individual with a passion for understanding and influencing human behaviour. His work as a consulting behaviourist, keynote speaker, author, and content creator has had a significant impact on individuals and organisations worldwide. Whether he’s delivering a keynote speech, hosting a podcast, or writing a best-selling book, Jez’s commitment to helping others achieve their potential is evident.

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Jez Rose's Speaking Topics

  • Flip the Switch

Jez will provide a fascinating insight into human behaviour. In his #1 best-selling book 'Flip the Switch' he offers practical strategies for handling change. He shares how asking the right questions can lead to extraordinary results. We are sure Jez will have you laughing and thinking.

  • Behaviour

Why we do what we do, and how we can achieve optimum performance by asking the right questions, which in turn helps us see change as great opportunity.

  • Leadership

Effective leadership requires key behavioural skills, and an understanding of simple yet essential brain science to help shape behaviour for results.

  • Creativity

Unlock the secrets of some of the world’s most creative thinkers to master innovation, solution-focused thinking and creativity, and discover your next big idea. The greatest barrier is imposter syndrome: learn how to cure it, and use it to your advantage.

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Videos of Jez Rose

Inspirational Conference Speaker Highlights | Jez Rose celebrates 20 years as global meeting speaker
Inspirational Conference Speaker Highlights | Jez Rose celebrates 20 years as global meeting speaker
Customer Service Speaker Geoff Ramm speaks with Jez Rose
Customer Service Speaker Geoff Ramm speaks with Jez Rose
Find the Gap: We Are Killing Our Freedom | Jez Rose | TEDxGreenville
Find the Gap: We Are Killing Our Freedom | Jez Rose | TEDxGreenville

Books by Jez Rose

Flip the Switch by Jez Rose
Flip the Switch

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