Jennifer Thomas Keynote Speaker

  • Experienced psychologist and leadership consultant
  • Expert on Apology and Love Languages
  • Co-Author, "When Sorry Isn't Enough"

Jennifer Thomas's Biography

Dr. Jennifer Thomas is an expert keynote speaker on communication, team building, and using love and apology languages to rebuild trust, and build a positive work environment. She is a leadership consultant, psychologist and co-author of “When Sorry Isn’t Enough” (Northfield Publishing, 2013), previously published as “The Five Languages of Apology” (2008) with Dr. Gary Chapman, which has been translated into sixteen foreign languages and sold hundreds of thousands of copies around the world.

For more than a decade, Jennifer’s expertise has helped people determine the best communication methods for every situation. She prevents mishaps from becoming deal-breakers. Recently, Jennifer gave a TEDx talk titled “When Sorry Isn’t Enough,” where she explains that even in the best relationships, all of us make mistakes. She helps us understand what a person needs to hear and experience, as opposed to what the other person says.

Jennifer’s message is very beneficial in the business world in regards to leadership consulting, employee engagement, and customer service, “When Sorry Isn’t Enough at Work.” She explains that even in the best companies, employees make mistakes. Customers get disappointed and without successful apologies, the companies will lose their business. Today’s marketplace requires that you know the essentials of successful customer service apologies. Simply saying you’re sorry is usually not enough. She will help employees turn disgruntled customers into their biggest supporters. She helps people learn to engage with their clients through the love languages, and apology languages.

Jennifer Thomas is one of a handful of approved presenters for Gary Chapman’s #1 New York Times best-selling book series “The Five Love Languages.” In an interactive presentation, she shares practical skills to improve relationships by understanding that the best way to show love is to speak to the other person’s love language.

Jennifer has a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Maryland. She earned a BA in Psychology and Religion from the University of Virginia.

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Videos of Jennifer Thomas

Getting the last word with apology | Jennifer Thomas | TEDxGreensboro (2015)
Getting the last word with apology | Jennifer Thomas | TEDxGreensboro (2015)

Comments & Testimonials

Jennifer, did an amazing job for our group! She spoke to our whole company about apologies that really work. You can tell she is an expert, knows the material, and connects with every person. She was able to bring us together through participation. Since our time together, each employee has been excited to read her book. Better yet, we are still talking about our time with her and what we learned.
Jill Johnson Sweat CFP® Trust Company of the South

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