Jeannine Carter Keynote Speaker

  • Chief Innovator and Advisor, Delivering Happiness (2020-present)
  • Former Head of Diversity Engagement, Facebook (2016-20)
  • Co-Founder of The Kaleidoscope Group and Founder and Chief Innovator of Inclusive Innovations LLC

Jeannine Carter's Biography

Jeannine Carter is an internationally recognised expert on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) with a passion for real systemic behavioural change. She currently works as the Chief Innovator and Advisor at Delivering Happiness, the world’s first culture coach|sulting®️ company, and has been pioneering new approaches for inclusive working cultures for decades.

Prior to her role at Delivering Happiness, Jeannine held other senior leadership positions within the field of diversity such as Head of Diversity Engagement at Facebook (2016-20), Director of Global Inclusion and Diversity (HR) at Newmont Mining Corporation (2012-16) and Director of Diversity Initiatives at Denver Public Schools (2009-12). She is also the Co-Founder of The Kaleidoscope Group, a diversity consulting firm based in Chicago and Founder and Chief Innovator of Inclusive Innovations LLC.

She is recognised for her ability to apply her expertise to global organisations and complex work environments across multiple industries, having delivered diversity initiatives in countries such as Australia, England, Ghana, Indonesia, Peru and Singapore. Throughout her career, she has shared her valuable insights with Fortune 500 companies, law firms, profit, non-profit and public sector organisations, to develop and implement effective DEIB strategies that truly address discrimination in the workplace.

She received her Bachelor’s degree in International Relations at Stanford University and completed a Master of Business Administration in Organisational Behaviour Studies, Marketing and International Business at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. She studied overseas as part of her education, attending university in Italy and Germany.

Jeannine is passionate about enabling and encouraging individuals from all backgrounds to thrive at work. She inspires and engages audiences when sharing her background and experience of delivering DEIB strategies across the globe at a senior level. She interweaves her knowledge and expertise with personal stories and leaves audiences feeling informed and equipped with actional strategies for combatting discrimination to apply to their workplace.

“I want people to step into their power, to realize that they have it within themselves to make this change.” – JEANNINE CARTER

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