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Jasmine Crowe

speaker location icon U.S.

CEO & Founder of Goodr

Hunger Hero

Social Entrepreneur Using Blockchain technology to end hunger

Jasmine Crowe is the founder and CEO of Goodr, a food-waste management company that is on a mission to solve hunger by redirecting surplus food from businesses to nonprofits, who then share it with those in need. By using the app, the simple three-stage procedure of Reducing Waste; Saving Money; Doing Good helps end the issue of hunger. The goal is to reduce waste and end hunger as a social enterprise.

She believes that hunger is not a scarcity issue, but rather a logistics issue. In June of 2017, she volunteered at a local food pantry in Atlanta, Georgia. There, she participated in the distribution of food bags for families that had assembled in a queue to receive weekly food. In these bags were two 20-ounce diet Snapples, a gallon of barbecue sauce, a bag of kettle potato chips, a box of superhero-shaped vegetable-enriched macaroni noodles, a box of belVita biscuit bars, a can of refried beans, a can of sweet peas, a miniature can of corn, Ding Dongs and french fried green onions. It was there that Jasmine realised that the food they were being given could not contribute to a meal, let alone a healthy one. The vicious cycle of keeping some dependent on food banks and pantries on a monthly basis hinders progress in solving the crisis of hunger. 

Jasmine saw an opportunity to end hunger using technology; she launched Goodr in January 2017 that would inventory everything a business sells and proceed to donate the excess food that would have gone to waste at the end of the day. Goodr’s users click on an item and inform how many are to be donated, including the weight and tax value, and is then distributed to the doors of nonprofits and those in need. By 2018, the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson, Hormel, Chick-fil-A and Papa John’s were using Goodr, and around 1.7 million meals were accounted for, allowing Goodr to begin expanding to other cities such as Washington, DC, Chicago, Miami and Philadelphia. By using blockchain technology, a data ledger is kept for clients to track food waste, and do good by distributing the excess food to nonprofits and those in need.

Her passion about solving hunger has reached a vast audience, and her envisioned goal for the end of 2020 is for the app to be in 20 cities, and to eventually be launched globally. Jasmine is an HBCU alumna and holds a Master’s degree from Arizona State University. She has a demonstrated history in the social impact industry as an experienced Chief Executive Officer and holds strong entrepreneurship skills in nonprofit organisations, media relations, fundraising and leadership. In 2019, she was invited to speak at two TED talks: TEDxPeachtree and TEDWomen 2019: Bold + Brilliant. She has been featured on Black Enterprise in 2017 and 2019, where she is highly commended for her entrepreneurial mindset and passionate drive to solve hunger. 

TEDwomen 2019: What we're getting wrong in the fight to end hunger

[youtube https://www.ted.com/talks/jasmine_crowe_what_we_re_getting_wrong_in_the_fight_to_end_hunger?language=en]

TEDxPeachtree: Hunger is not a question of scarcity

[youtube https://www.ted.com/talks/jasmine_crowe_hunger_is_not_a_question_of_scarcity]

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