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Jane Sunley's Biography

Jane Sunley is a businesswomen, author and HR specialist. The self-described “thinker, writer and doer who helps aspirational businesses become a great place to work through expert yet common sense advice, clever technology and inventive methods that get results,” founded Purple Cubed in 2001 and has led the HR agency for over seventeen years. 

During Jane’s acclaimed career within the HR industry, she has authored numerous books. 2011’s “Purple Your People: The Secrets to Inspired, Happy, More Profitable People”, was a look at the first decade of the life of Purple Cubed and all the invaluable lessons therein from the perspective of organisations and HR managers.

In 2013, Jane released “It’s Never Ok to Kiss the Interviewer: And Other Secrets to Surviving, Thriving and High Fiving at Work”, which switched attention over to the individual and how to better focus and advance one’s career. 

Moving back to the organisational perspective, 2016’s “The People Formula: 12 Steps to Productive, Profitable, Performing Business”, further discusses how critical an organisation’s success can come down to sourcing the right people. 

In 2017, along with other exceptional individuals she was named a “2017 Woman of Achievement” at the Women of the Year Lunch.

Throughout Jane’s extensive tenure in leading the HR industry, she has become a highly sought-after speaker and contributor.



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