Janan Ganesh Keynote Speaker

  • Leading commentator on US and UK politics
  • Political Columnist, Associate Editor - Financial Times
  • Author of “George Osborne: The Austerity Chancellor”

Janan Ganesh's Biography

Janan Ganesh is a columnist and associate editor at the Financial Times.   He writes about international affairs, as well as the domestic politics of the US and the UK. Regular themes include: the US-China rivalry, Brexit and its aftermath, Donald Trump’s potential future presidency, the future of Keir Starmer, the west’s reaction to the Ukraine war, the challenge to the European Union from within and without, the rising importance of Southeast Asia, the “axis” of autocratic nations and the decline of the global free-trade consensus.

He was US political columnist between 2018 and 2022, based in Washington DC for three years and Los Angeles for one. There, he covered the 2020 US Presidential election, as well as the global pandemic, the worsening of US-China relations and the Capitol siege.

As well as politics, he writes a weekend column on culture and ideas, which ranges across such subjects as travel, cities, football, art, food, technology and social trends. The running theme of the column is a defence of globalism against its enemies.

Before the FT, Janan was the political correspondent at the Economist between 2007 and 2012, where he covered the financial crash, the 2010 general election and the UK coalition government.

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Janan Ganesh's Speaking Topics

• US domestic politics and foreign policy

• UK domestic politics and foreign policy

• Relations within the west

• External threats to the EU

• The rise of populism

• Free trade and its enemies

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