Jacques Attali Keynote Speaker

  • Pioneering economist and expert on economic reconstruction and growth
  • President, Commission for the Liberation for French economic growth (2007-08)
  • Founder and President, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (1991-93)

Jacques Attali's Biography

Dr. Jacques Attali is a pioneering French economist and writer. He has written sixty five books, translated into more than twenty languages, with over eight million copies sold all over the world. These include essays dealing with a wide variety of subjects from mathematical economics to music, as well as biographies, novels, children’s tales and plays.

Dr. Attali is an Honorary Member of the Council of State, and currently serves as CEO of A&A, a Paris-based international strategy consulting firm, and also as President of PlaNet Finance, an international non-profit organisation assisting micro-finance institutions all over the world. The most important institution of its kind, PlaNet Finance advises and finances the development of the micro-finance in 80 countries.

Previously, Dr. Attali served as Special Adviser to the President of the Republic (1981-91), and founder and first President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London (1991-93). In 2007, President Nicolas Sarkozy nominated him as President of the Commission for the Liberation for French Economic Growth.

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Videos of Jacques Attali

Microfinance as a Tool for a Successful Transition to Democracy (2012)
Microfinance as a Tool for a Successful Transition to Democracy (2012)
 The World Economy: Will it Get Worse Before it Gets Better? (2012)
The World Economy: Will it Get Worse Before it Gets Better? (2012)

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