Jacob Nathan Keynote Speaker

  • Co-Founder & CEO of Epoch Biodesign
  • Keynote speaker on AI, synthetic biology and robotic automation
  • Dedicated to using AI and advanced technology to solve the climate crisis

Jacob Nathan's Biography

Jacob Nathan is the co-founder & CEO of Epoch Biodesign and a keynote speaker on topics including sustainability, biology and AI.

Epoch is an enzyme engineering company based in London, UK.  At Epoch, Jacob works at the intersection of AI, synthetic biology and robotic automation, designing enzymes that break down plastic waste into sustainable chemical building blocks.  They use biocatalysts that combine ancient fermentation techniques with modern biotechnology to transform unrecyclable material, that would otherwise go to landfill or incineration, into valuable, low-carbon chemicals. These chemicals can then be used to manufacture everything from new plastics to paints, coatings, cleaning products and more.

Jacob founded Epoch aged 18 during his final year of high school with co-founder Professor Douglas Kell CBE after conducting an independent study to discover microbes capable of breaking down plastic waste.  Jacob decided to forgo attending the University of Chicago where he was due to study biochemistry and economics to build the company instead.

As an expert in his field, he collaborates regularly with leading fashion brands, multinational chemical companies and renowned academic institutions, and has secured millions in government funding and raised money from world-leading venture capitalists.

Jacob is a popular speaker, and has delivered keynotes and panel discussions across Europe to a range of clients, from London Tech Week to private banking conferences and educational institutions.

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Jacob Nathan's Speaking Topics

Epoch Biodesign

The founding story, designing plastic-eating enzymes, and what it’s meant to be a dropout CEO.

The biological revolution.

How society will leverage the most advanced technology on earth to cure disease and solve the climate crisis.

Atoms and bits.

How hardware and software can be scaled to address our biggest environmental challenges.

The intelligence age.

How AI will define what business, creativity and life look like in an era of post-human intelligence.

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Videos of Jacob Nathan

Giving New Life to Plastic Waste | Epoch Biodesign | Pique Action
Giving New Life to Plastic Waste | Epoch Biodesign | Pique Action

Articles, Media & Podcasts

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