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Inky Johnson's Biography

Inky is a former University of Tennessee defensive back who refused to allow misfortune on the football field to stop him from pursuing a life of purpose. In 2006, a seemingly normal college football game changed everything when a routine tackle turned into a career-ending injury, and his perspective of “normal” changed. Now, normal is a paralyzed right arm. Normal is daily pain. Normal is constant physical challenges. Normal is also mentoring athletes and inspiring audiences.

Audiences are mesmerized by Inky’s story and inspired by his relentless determination. His storytelling is energetic and dramatic yet filled with hope. Whether the topic is teamwork, leadership, or perseverance, Inky’s speaking affects people from within, at the core, and empowers them to embrace the challenges of life. He instills in them the inspiration to accomplish what they might otherwise have thought to be impossible.

Instead of focusing on what he can’t do, Inky chooses to take advantage of all that he can accomplish, in spite of his challenges – a lesson that applies to any organization or business audience. His injury did not destroy his motivation or crush his spirit. Rather, he harnessed his inner fortitude and transformed what could have been a tragedy into an inspirational success story, which he shares in his book, Inky: An Amazing Story of Faith and Perseverance. 

To even play college football, Inky had to overcome the adversity of an underprivileged adolescence. He survived poverty and violence to make his dream a reality. When his dream of playing football crumbled in an instant, Inky’s true character and leadership qualities emerged.

After receiving a master’s degree in sports psychology from the University of Tennessee, Inky set out to spread his inspiration and motivational words. He is a mentor to underprivileged youth and football players, leading by example and living by his own words of encouragement.


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Overcoming Adversity: Faith and Perseverance Inky Johnson shares his dramatic personal story of overcoming childhood hardship and a career-ending injury to inspire others to believe the impossible is achievable. Whether the topic is leadership, teamwork, or success in life or career, Johnson’s message of faith and perseverance motivates us all to face our daily challenges head on, and to live life with a greater purpose. His journey will resonate with your audience at the core level, empowering them to embrace the challenges of life, while giving them the inspiration and resilience to accomplish their goals and bounce back from defeat.

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Keynote Presentation
Inky Johnson Speaker
Inky Johnson Speaker

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