Ian Pruden Keynote Speaker

  • Theorist on the best ways to navigate and survive in an increasingly complex world
  • Entrepreneur and Founder of ‘3D-Seven’
  • Former Royal Marine Commando

Ian Pruden's Biography

Ian Pruden trained as an engineer and lawyer before becoming an officer in the Royal Marine Commandos at the age of 23. Over the next 16 years he developed a deep specialism in the planning and execution of complex counter-terrorism operations, working across 29 different countries, in jungle, desert, arctic and urban environments, whilst qualifying as a parachutist, diver and Jungle Warfare Instructor.

After leaving the Marines in 2012, he became an executive at JP Morgan and then Barclays, where he further developed his planning and execution skills, delivering a series of multi-million pound change and transformation programmes. Along the way he gained a first class honours degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, a Masters in International Relations, and is currently studying at Oxford University.

In 2017, he created 3D-Seven, a tech start-up which enables complex organisations, to improve their decision-making and strategy execution through the creation of intuitive, 3D models. The models use a unique 3D visualisation technology, adapted from the gaming and civil engineering sectors, to represent client’s structures, challenges and wider operating environments in near real-time. 3D-Seven is backed by a network of angel investors and is one a few select firms, invited onto JP Morgan’s ‘InResidence’ start-up accelerator programme.

Ian’s unique professional and academic background, means he is something of a polymath. He can talk confidently and engagingly on subjects ranging from military history and international relations to Agile delivery, leadership and organisational design, via perception and consciousness, free will versus determinism, decision-making, strategy and entrepreneurship.

His talks are all interactive and thought-provoking, with the audience conducting a series of thought experiments and perceptual challenges as part of the experience.
Speaking topics:

  • Operating in complex environments
  • ‘Intuitive Complexity’ – The art and science of coping in a complex world
  • Being more Spock – Surviving and thriving in a complex world
  • Strategy and entrepreneurship
  • Visualising and re-imagining the corporate
  • Organisational mindfulness, consciousness and decision-making
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