Ian Leslie London, UK

  • Author of "Curious" (2014), "Born Liars" (2012) & ‘Why Everybody’s Talking and Nobody’s Listening’ (2020)
  • Expert on communications and marketing strategy
  • Commentator on current affairs and culture for the BBC, Sky, and NPR


Does Brand Purpose Have a Point?
Does Brand Purpose Have a Point?
ShedTalks – Curiosity
ShedTalks – Curiosity


Ian Leslie is a London-based author who specialises in psychology, social trends, and technological change.

In his latest book, “Curious: The Desire to Know and Why Your Future Depends on it,” (2014), Ian makes a passionate case for the cultivation of curiosity. Drawing from neuroscience, history, culture and business, he looks at what feeds curiosity and what starves it, uncovering some surprising answers.

Ian writes in the UK and US for a range of publications, including the Financial Times, the Economist (Intelligent Life), Slate, the London Times and the New Statesman. He writes on diverse subjects including innovation, talent-spotting and politics.  Ian also wrote and performed in the BBC Radio 4 comedy show “Before They Were Famous”, now in its third series.

Ian combines his writing career with one in advertising. He has worked as a brand strategist for blue-chip agencies on major UK and global brands, and now consults on communications and marketing strategy for a range of clients.

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