I. Stephanie Boyce Keynote Speaker

  • 177th President of the Law Society for England and Wales (2021-2022)
  • The first black, first person of colour to become president of the Law Society
  • Award-winning lawyer and tireless campaigner for equality of opportunity

I. Stephanie Boyce's Biography

I. Stephanie Boyce is an award-winning lawyer driven by a sense of purpose, resilience, and sheer determination which has helped her ascend to the top of her profession. As the 177th president of the Law Society for England and Wales (2021-2022), she has followed her dreams to their glittering ends, a brilliant communicator and strategic leader, leaving broken barriers in her wake. But despite the accolades, despite the dizzying success, she had never lost sight of her roots…

Stephanie tells her inspiring story of a black woman’s rise to the top. Born to parents of Caribbean descent, she grew up in a one-parent household where prospects were uncertain and social capital was nil. As a young girl she dreams of being admired, of being loved for who she really is. After her mother remarries and the family relocate to America, she is stunned by the poverty and injustice all around her. Inspired by her family’s history of migration from the sunny shores of the Caribbean to the icy steps of the UK, she never forgets her grandfather’s passionate call to make something of herself. Dreaming big she sets out to make a difference.

With each step, she learns the insider tricks that will turn a daydreaming girl into an inspiring thought leader. She isn’t interested in waiting her turn. Battling through the ranks of the Law Society Council, she becomes the first black, first person of colour to become president. When Covid-19 hits, she leads the way for her profession through unforeseen challenges. A tireless campaigner for equality of opportunity, she is a powerful inspiration to young people everywhere to follow their vision and a constant reminder to never forget to PUSH: Persevere Until Something Happens.

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I. Stephanie Boyce's Speaking Topics

  • • Dare to Dream

Story of perseverance, courage, strength and determination from Council estate to Law Society president.

  • • Diversity targets-Haven’t we been here before?

Why in a multi-cultural society such as ours some of our biggest businesses are having to be legally required to diversify their board composition and senior leadership teams.

  • • AI and access to justice

With the use of AI on the march the public must be assured that it’s increased use poses little threat to the existence of human kind and where it does there are appropriate guardrails in place to prevent serious harm and eradicate any underlying biases and unfairness that may exists if we are to avoid societal discourse.

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Videos of I. Stephanie Boyce

Law & Society Unlocked: A Must-Listen Podcast with I. Stephanie Boyce and Sir Charles Bowman
Law & Society Unlocked: A Must-Listen Podcast with I. Stephanie Boyce and Sir Charles Bowman
I.Stephanie Boyce: First 100 Years Biography
I.Stephanie Boyce: First 100 Years Biography

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