Hiroshi Watanabe Keynote Speaker

  • One of Japan's leading economists
  • Governor, Japan Bank for International Cooperation (2012-present)
  • Japan's Vice Minister of Finance for International Affairs (2004-07)

Hiroshi Watanabe's Biography

Hiroshi Watanabe is the Governor and CEO of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), Japan’s policy-based financing institution for international financing. As the Governor, CEO of the JBIC, Mr. Watanabe is steering its operations to fulfill JBIC’s mission of contributing to the sound development of the Japanese and international economies.

In the past, he served as Japan’s Vice Minister of Finance for International Affairs in the Ministry of Finance (MOF). In that capacity, he was responsible for conducting all international affairs of MOF, including foreign exchange stabilisation, foreign development assistance and the international monetary system. He also attended and presented at a number of international conferences across the world, ranging from G7 summits to the meetings of the World Bank, IMF, APEC and other official international organisations.

After joining MOF in 1972, his professional career centred around taxation and international affairs. He also served as executive secretary to Minister of Finance Kiichi Miyazawa in the late 1990s. In 2008, Mr. Watanabe left the MOF to begin teaching as Professor of the Graduate School of Commerce and Management, Hitotsubashi University.

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Videos of Hiroshi Watanabe

Interview with Hiroshi Watanabe (2014)
Interview with Hiroshi Watanabe (2014)
The Future of Asian Regionalism (2015)
The Future of Asian Regionalism (2015)
The Future of Japan's Energy Policy (2013)
The Future of Japan's Energy Policy (2013)

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